10 things to do before seeing soul mate

10 things to want to do till you meet a soul mate
10 years has passed from my girly days. “I didn’t meet my prince! Where’s my soul mate?”You looks an international sniper. Please practice the followings.

10 things to do before  seeing soul mate


1   To go on what you want to do  

Though you do nothing till you meet a soul mate, you can’t meet one. To study, to work, and to play…  Everything is OK.

The important thing is to do things not to be evaluated by others or to have a profit but to do by your will. If you care about the valuation from others, you can’t keep doing anything and, you are not happy at all.

Let’s do what you want do. First you aren’t become a charming woman, you mustn’t meet a soul mate.


2   To give up becoming another woman

Now, we can get a lot of information. I hear we have some techniques to be popular.

But you don’t become popular if you actually do such techniques or imitate the fashion of entertainers. If you have an energy to like yourself.
If you like yourself, you must become a perfect nice woman indeed. You, who are walking in jeans breezily are so nice dozens of times than in the unfavorite frilled dress.


3       To have a room in your mind 

“I’m busy to work every day, so having a room in your mind is impossible indeed!” Definitely, the people these days have a lot of things to do except for their works and a day passes so quickly.

But how busy you are, you don’t have a room to look yourself what you feel now and how you want to do. In such a situation, you don’t meet a soul mate and can’t work well.

When you don’t have a spare time but let’s make a time consciously. Only 30minutes. is okay. A favorite coffee shop, your veranda to see a beautiful morning glow. Having your favorite drink, please try to relax your time.


4   To try to take only 10 minutes for a meditation

If we heard‘a meditation’, we tend to think going to a quiet deep place in the mountain, but we can do it in our homes.

Turn off the TV and the light and stop music in the room. To be slightly dark is enough, because you can’t see anything in the dark place. When you turn off the TV and the light and stop music, in your room there’s only your mind.

This is a meditation. Is it easy, isn’t it?  You don’t get any information so you know clearly what you have in your mind now. What you think and for what you live…

I suppose how every TV or music or light was cheated us .Please take a meditation before going to bed.


5   Let’s worry a lot!

To worry images negative, in fact, very positive act. The positive mind like “I want to solve a problems! I want to get the answer!” means to worry.

The more people these days want to get the answer immediately or it’s a bother to think, but thinking about many things and learning by mistake is so important in our lives.

We notice various things as much as we worry a lot and arrive at solution. To worry make you grow up.


6   Let’s do if you want to do!

Do you have an experience I your childhood “You’re hasty child! Calm down and act thinking so much!”

Surely to act taking a lot of times and thinking a lot seem to be right, and it seems be natural to be thought “Because you’re an adult.” But there’s a proverb ‘No time like now.’
In our life there’s nothing which is too early. The time ‘when you want to do’is the best time. The importance is you want to do or not.

Now, let’s act when you find something you want to do!

7   To check the news every day

“I’m not interested in the current issues!” If you check only your interest, you can get a partial knowledge. Let’s think the current issues connecting to you.

From the news‘The price of imported wheat flour is rising’you know “Pasta or bred will be expensive.” or from the news‘The possibility of a huge earthquake in near future’you know “we must prepare emergency food and think the way to contact in my family for emergency.”You try to connect to your life.

Also, from the current news, you have a lot of topics in your conversation. To make yo grow up or to connect to others, checking the news is very good.


8   To act alone without a crowd

 To have alone at the bar counter listening to the quiet piano. This is an adult woman!! How cool!…. .Impossible! No way for me!

Of course, you shouldn’t aim to do such a high thing.. But do you more acts with a crowd  somehow?
Surely, acting with a crowd, if somethings happen, someone manages to do and you rarely have a responsibility. So you feel very easy.

But there’s not you in such a situation. You only do what others want to do. Nothing makes you grow up. If you act alone, you have all the responsibilities.
It may be tough, however, that experience makes you grow up. And you should become a woman who looks nice with martini.


9   Let’s expand your good points   

Have you ever thought‘How do I have a confidence?’looking at your co-worker to work lively?
“If I have more confidence, I could act positively…”  You don’t what you are bad at or your unfavorite focedly but do what expands your good points.

We tend to think to overcome what you can’t do in effort, but with only nature theory is limited and at first I’s not fun at all.
You don’t last long forcedly but let’s change that power to expand your god points. If so, you must have a confidence.


10   Let’throw away what you don’t need

Do you know to link to clean your room and to your mind? A person whose room is messy your brain doesn’t clean and everyday work is so busy that you are out of gas…

You worry from what you clean, at that time, first,‘Throwing away what you didn’t use for 1 week. ’
You may sell by an auction,  sell by flea market, give them your friends, or throw away as large refuses…….  From your closet, Let’s clean the kitchen, the living room, and storage. But don’t try to do I one time.

It’s good to start the small things ; today the drawers of this desk, next this shelf. When the room becomes clean, your brain does as well. It’s my recommendation.


What did  you think?
The title is ‘things to want to do till you meet a soul mate’, however, it means that don’t  only tend to focus on looking for a fate mate and to worry the other’s re valuations but not myself.
And, it doesn’t mean that you may do them above till you meet a fate mate. You must be charming in yourself to make a good relation to a person you encounter or you meet a fate mate.

Please take the ways in your life every day . You who live lively every day might meet many nice people but not only a fate mate.


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