Wishes Come True; 7 Spells to Make Him Love You Back

Wishes Come True; 7 Spells to Make Him Love You Back

Why don’t you try some spells that helps you make your wishes come true?  These spells are probably helpful for the ladies who want to deal with one-sided love or can’t tell his feeling.  Spells support and work to have your distance to someone you love.  Spells are not just a tool for young girls.

Actually, there many spells based on black magic for adults.  However, don’t worry, no risky or dangerous spells are introduced.  Only safe and enjoyable spells are presented here.  So, please enjoy.

Just believe and put your mind into a spell!  No difficult knowledge or tools are necessary.  Yet, there are some spells require a fire.  When you handle the fire, please be careful and make sure to extinguish it.

Wishes Come True; 7 Spells to Make Him Love You Back


Get Bonded by the Red String of Fate

They say you and your soul mate are connected by the red string of fate. Here is a spell to make your wish come true with thread.

・Red thread
・Paper (2 sheets for Oriental Zodiac; 1 white Japanese paper or writing paper)

① Check the Oriental Zodiac of the person you love.
② Draw the symbols of his and yours on separate sheets.
③ cut out the drawings and, on the cut characters, write down : Name of the characters, his and your ages, his and your names.
④ Compile the sheets and tie with a red thread.
⑤ Warp the tied paper by Japanese paper.
⑥ Place your pillow in the direction where he always be. Place #5 under the pillow, create his image in your mind, and go to sleep.
⑦ He will probably appear in your dream in about 7 days and things will start moving gradually.

[Point] say his name to yourself, remember his face, and imagine pleasant situation where you and he are together when you go to sleep.


Use the Spell with Excellent Effects of Ashes

something small and flammable belonging to the person you love (e.g. a small piece of his diary, etc.)

① Place the small piece of his belonging between your feet when you go to sleep.
② Clearly imagine that he falls in love with you; such as pleasant date with him.
③ Continue this for 9 nights.
④ In the first Friday morning at the time of sunrise after the 9th night, burn the piece of his belonging.
⑤ Secretly place the ashes in his shoes or spring them on him; and completed.

[Point] The time of sunrise has to be accurate. It is more effective if you sprinkle the ashes directly on his skin or underwear.


Approach Him with Aphrodisiac

 Red wine
 Apple
 Lemon

① Close the curtains so that the light will not go out.
② On a night of new moon at midnight sharp, start making.
③ Rinse an apple well and peal it place the pieces in a container. Juice a lemon over the apple.
④ As soaking #3 in red wine, chant “ and will be connected,” for 3 times.
⑤ Take a few drops of #4 straight or mixed with a drink.
⑥ Put it on his skin within 1 week for it is effective for 1 week. It is better if you spread it somewhere he always touches.

Be sure it does not get on clothes.

[Point] Put your mind into it while you are making it and when you drink it. If you do so sincerely, it will be perfect aphrodisiac.


Step on His Shadow and Have him Fall in Love with You

・Nothing but the sun

This is an easy spell to attract him while you are with him.
① Just step on his shadow.
② While you are doing so ask him to go steady with you.

[Point] Make sure that your feet on his shadow while you are asking him. It has to be done while the sun is up there. Shadow in the night does not work.


Get an Intimate Relationship with Him by Ribbon Power on a New Moon Night

・a bottle of salt and a bottle of pepper
・Pink ribbon (1 meter)

① Impersonate salt and pepper as you and him; assigning either way (pepper and salt) does not matter.
② On the night of new moon, tie one edge of the ribbon to a bottle you assigned yourself and the other to his.
③ In the next morning, untie the ribbon, get the bottles closer a little and tie each of the bottles with each edge of the ribbon.
④ Repeat 3 every day.
⑤ When the bottles get together each other, leave the bottles and ribbon as they are. On the 7th day, untie the ribbon and completed.

[Point] You can assign you and him on either one of the bottles. Just imagine clearly him when you assign the bottle.


Make Wishes Come True by the Power of New Moon & Silver

・White paer
・A pen of silver ink

This is a spell on a night of new moon to wright your wishes.

① First, write down your wish as “we will be in a romantic relationship” on top of the sheet.
② Then, write down “9” small objectives to achieve the wish under the wish.
③ When you write the 9 small objectives, write the first objective on the right edge with an arrow directing the next objective, and then, writhe the next objective. Repeat this to the 9th one.
④ Write an arrow from the 9th objective connecting to the top wish. Now, starting with the wish, all the objectives and the wish are connected.
⑤ On the next new moon night, repeat the whole process without the objectives you already achieve. You can change the objectives if you keep them within 9. You can throw away the previous sheet.

[Point] Review what was good and bad on the next new moon night watching the sheet from the previous night. Items you write down should be within 10 including the wish on top.


Achieve Love by the Blessings of Nature

・Rose Quartz
・2 branches of rosemary
・white cloth (like a handkerchief)

This is a spell using rose quartz.
① First, purify a rose quartz. Either a rose quartz stone or accessary is fine.
② It is better to use 2 branches of rosemary grew at home.
③ Pick up a white cloth.
④ While doing so, place the rosemary branches in the middle of the cloth. Place the rose quartz on the branches. Chant “please have [his full name] fall in love with me,” in your mind.
⑤ Wrap the them gently and place and carry it in your bag. Make sure nobody will see it.
⑥ One week later, open it and place in the sun. When it gets sun lights enough, wrap them again and carry as #4.
⑦ Keep the cloth white. When it gets dirty, change the cloth. When the rosemary branches get worn out, change.

[Point] While you are wishing, have vividly image of the land where rosemary is planted, blessings of water, and bright sun lights.


How are these spells?

Spells introduced here are in association with nature as asking the power of new moon, land, water, the sun for their cooperation. These are the spells receiving blessings of nature to make wishes come true. Imagination of connection to nature to universe calls great power.

Then, we can become a person who deserves the blessings. It is not your own power but is the blessings that support us to make our wishes come true. It is these spells that makes our wishes come true if we sincerely wish for from the bottom of our heart. May you be happy with these spells.



Wishes Come True; 7 Spells to Make Him Love You Back

・ Get Bonded by the Red String of Fate
・ Use the Spell with Excellent Effects of Ashes
・ Approach Him with Aphrodisiac
・ Step on His Shadow and Have him Fall in Love with You
・ Get an Intimate Relationship with Him by Ribbon Power on a New Moon Night
・ Make Wishes Come True by the Power of New Moon & Silver
・ Achieve Love by the Blessings of Nature

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