7 spiritual counseling to recover your heart and body

7 spiritual counseling to recover your heart and body

Many people have different kinds of problems. About love, money, peronal relationship, work…there is no end to such problems.

In spiritual way of thinking, everything has meaning, even these torublesome matters. It depends on the way you think that things can become struggles or gifts.

In spiritual, there is an idea of reincarnation, but the exact same life is not repeated. The life with same body, same thoughts, and same relation with others is only once. We can therefore say that the life is only once.

If you have only one life to live, don’t you want to change the way to deal with problems and enjoy life positively? You might feel you are at the bottom of life when you have problems, and it is OK at that time. I will tell you about spiritual counseling for those who have prblems.

7 spiritual counseling to recover your heart and body


-Change yourself and improve the wavelength of life

There are many people in this world and each one of us have different sense of values. There are people who get along with you while some don’t. If everyone get along with you, there is no trouble, and you can live calmly.

However, you can do that in afterlife. It is said that spirits of similar people are gathered in afterlife, and everyday is peaceful without troubles or denies. The progress of spirit is subtle in such world, and you are born in this world hoping to improve more.

To be alive in this world means you are very brave and have a spirit with very strong sense of advancement. Don’t you think that’s great? There are many people in this world because this world is like a gym for souls.

The world we live now is the only place we can meet with many different kinds of souls. It is natural to have problems with personal relationships.

There are many kinds of problems about relationships but when you get down to it, most of them end up in “I don’t like that person”. Do you know that in spiritual way of thinking, there is a principal of wavelength?

It means people with same wavelengthe are attracted to each other, or in other words, birds of a feather flock togther. You might have noticed already. Meeting “that person” you don’t like and have relationship in anyway means you have the same wavelength with “that person”.

In other words, you have similar side that you have about “that person”. You probably say “No, I don’t!”, but look back to yourself. You will realize that you have similarity to that person.

To get away from “that person”, make use of this principal. You should have different wavelength from “that person”, so why don’t you change? What do you hate about “that person”?

If you change what you don’t like about that person, you can improve your wavelength. It is difficult to change yourself, but you can do it little by little if you care about it. You are courageous and have a sense of advancement. You can do it.


-Learning with your partner is finished

Lost love, one-sided love, or can not understand the feeling of your partner…there are many worries about love. Especially lost love is very heartbreaking that you can’t do anything else.

There are many types of lost love, and from spiritual point of view, lost love is the end of learning from your partner. Still, you can’t easily give up on him/her or can’t forget about it.

Our feeling is not so easy to give up, so it is natural. Love is said as an experience to refine sensitivity, so please feel the feeling of lost love.

However, if you stay the same, your wavelength declines and may attract more bad things. If you have experienced enough feeling of lost love, start preparing to refresh your mind. Go with your own pace, don’t rush, go slowly.

First of all, purify bad emotion toward your partner or negative emotion about yourself. Your partner gave you a chance to rethink about love and life. It was not your fault either that you lost love. It is just you had nothing more to learn.

Don’t take it wrong, recognize it correctly. Lost love is the step to next love at the same time. There is a perfect partner for you out there. You don’t need to force you to forget about past, but change regrets and denies to appreciation, benefit from lost love to next love, and please enjoy loving someone.


-Spend money for someone without stint

Income doesn’t go up, deep in debt, being scammed, can’t get back the money you lend…there are many problems regarding money. It can be solved by the help of specialist or public administration, but same problems can arise again.

Why there are so many problems about love? Do you know there are “dead money” and “live money”? Dead money is used only for you and your family’s lives, and not used for others. Live money is used for the happiness of other people.

Money doesn’t drop out of the sky, you work hard to earn it. It is as though the compensation for your effort. Do you treat your money with good care? Once you know the importance of money, you will start to use live money, and it will come back to you with joy.

If you hoard up dead money, you will build up negative energy within you. As a result, you will be caught in sudden deconditioning or troubles, and you will be forced to release dead money.

There probably is something you call to your mind. But you have problem with lack of money, so you can’t afford to pay for others. I can understand what you want to say. Now, please think for a while.

You may have problems about money, but I think it is only few of you who can’t afford what you eat tonight. Most of you probably have a house to live and something to eat. If you look around the world, there are people who have difficulties to live today.

Maybe we are much more blessed. The amount is not important in spending live money, so if you don’t have enough budget, then a penny is good enough. The important thing is to use with consideration, without stint, and to continue it.

Donating just a penny can help someone. What a wonderful thing it is. By using money appropriately without stint, money will return to you. It might not be in a form of actual money, but it will change the flow of money so please try.


-Illness and physical problem is a message from your spirit

There are many kinds of illnesses and injuries and if they are directly related to death, you are born with it to learn from it in most cases and unfortunately you can’t avoid it. However, your spirit is courageous to choose such illness so please not only cry over it but to think about the thought of your spirit.

Illnesses and injuries not related to death are often caused by neglecting your health or fatigue. If you can think of possible causes, please spend regular hours and rest sometime to get better. When it doesn’t get well, it is a message from your spirit.

If the message is to change the way you think, you often suffer headaches or head injuries. Troubles with eyes are the message to look people and things more carefully.

Problems with ears are popular for those who don’t listen to people’s advice, people who suffer hardness of hearing is maybe told to ignore unnecessary things.

If you are often displeased with something, you may suffer digestive sysytem disorders, people with too much complaints and being hardheaded might become cancer, and those who lack maternity might suffer female-specific diseases. As you can see, bad habit will appear as illnesses and troubles to your body.

These problems can be cured with treatments, but you will receive other messages in different ways until you change your bad habits. When you suffer illnesses or physical problems, please think about what your spirit is trying to tell you. If you can think of some possibilities, receive the message and make some improvemets.


-Experience of setback will improve you

Failure after making hard effort will make you feel empty, sad, frustrated, and many other emotions. Thinking about how much time you spent would worsen the feeling. In such case, there are 2 things you can thik of. One is that it is not the time for success yet.

Another is a message from your guide that there is anoter path you should follow. If it is not the time, the time eventully comes when everyrhing is prepared, so don’t give up and try to continue making effort.

However, if something keep interrupting you then there maybe another route for you. It is unfortunate but you might need to give up gracefully.

If it is a message that there is another route for you, think about why you started to make effort before seeking for new direction. You might find the new route while thinking.

Don’t stick to single way of thinking. You might find the answer from different route. Your effort might have not reached to achievement, but making an effort itself is very important experience for you.

Please praise yourself for working hard. After experiencing failure, you are surely progressed as a person. Make good use of this experience to new challenge. You can do it.


-You are alive because you are needed

We likely feel lonliness when there is a problem with personal relationships. Some of you might be feeling lonely from not getting along with people at work or at school.

Feels like not loved from anyone, not needed by anyone, being left alone in the world…what a sad and lonely feeling. Think for a second. What would happen if you disappear from this world?

Nothing would change? If you think so, you are not looking around you carefully. You have many relation in your life whether trivial or important, so if you disappear then it will influence someone’s life.

It is impossible that nothing would change on your disappearance. Everyone in this world have a role and we are alive because we are needed. We can keep loving because we are loved by someone.

It maybe your parents, friends, or someone you don’t know, but you are alive because you are loved. Please, please don’t forget this. And also, you can’t forget about your guide.

You might be feeling lonely materially, but there is a guide beside you even though you can’t see or hear. Nobody is without a guide, so you are not alone spiritually.

When you feel lonely, please have some time for meditation. Why do you feel lonely and how can you solve it? You can also spend some time to improve yourself. As I mentioned earlier, if your wavelength improves, same kind of people gather around you.


-When tired, stop and enjoy the sorroundings

Life is long that there are some times you feel tired of living, but never end your life. Killing yourself is the selfish way to go back to afterlife, in spite of your spirit, and breaking the limit of life period you have decided for yourself.

Everyone have beautiful and shining spirit, with courage and sense of advancement that is strong enough to come to such a challenging world.

How tired you feel, our spirit is still thinking “I can do more!” or “I’m having good experience!”. If you don’t realize this and decide to go back to afterlife by yourself, you will be depressed later and can’t forgive yourself.

As a result, you won’t realize the help of many spirits and stay in deep darkness for tens of hundreads of years. Isn’t it very sad? There is more.

Your spirit is courageous and have strong sense of achievement that after forgiving yourself, you will come to the world again with the same goal and experience, and face the same situation of making you feel “want to quit life” again. Over and over until you go over with it.

Death won’t make you feel better. Then what should you do? You don’t need to do anything. Forcing yourself to make effort will make you more tired, so stop doing things and rest your feeling.

You will be short of breath if you keep running the long life, don’t you think? When you are tired, slow down and walk, or stop. You can’t enjoy the scenery around you if you keep running,

To recognize the beauty of small flower by the roadside, it is necessary to walk slowly or to stop. If this small beautiful flower can enrich your life, then it is not bad to just stop and do nothing.

If you want to quit your life, there is just a jet-black dark world. Look around carefully. You will see there are many people offering hands for you.

You can just grab those hands with a little more courage. It is challenging to take a first step, but once you step forward you can keep moving automatically. Don’t worry.

There might be no hope for future, but nobody knows about future. There are millions of futures and it is you to choose one of them.

Just for now, stop doing anything and rest calmly. Enjoy the scenery around you. When your mind recovers, slowly start walking. I’m sure your mind is filled more than before taking a rest.


Did you find any helpful advice?

The more serious your problem, the more difficult to feel empathy for spiritual counseling. If so, please read this article over and over. You will understand someday. Standard of happiness depends on each person, but the happiness for spirits all have in common.

Spirits wished for themselves to come down to this world are willing to experience many things and emotions in this world. When wondering among many emotions, spirits are feeling happy.

Even those problems you are suffering are happiness to your spirit. What a deep and big love. Please keep in mind that it is your nature.

You might take rest or look back sometime, but there is an ability deep within you to choose to look forward and move. Please believe in that ability.

If you still have hard time, try to change the point of view. Try to look at reality from high as though you are on a cloud. What do you see yourself and your problems from above? What can you do to solve them?


The inspiration is the answer. We see outward to seek for answers, but the answer is always inside. It is recommended to look from higher point of view if you have problems.



7 spiritual counseling to recover your heart and body

-Change yourself and improve the wavelength of life
-Learning with your partner is finished
-Spend money for someone without stint
-Illness and physical problem is a message from your spirit
-Experience of setback will improve you
-You are alive because you are needed
-When tired, stop and enjoy the sorroundings


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