7 recommendable ways to start spiritual love

7 recommendable ways to start spiritual loveI suppose that there are many people who don’t know how to start a relationship after a long absence with it. Even though they have a crush on someone, they don’t know what to do. For those people, I’ll introduce some spiritual ways to start a relationship which will give you a supportive push.

7 recommendable ways to start spiritual love


Visit a shrine where the god of love is enshrined

First of all, let’s start with improving your luck in love. There are a lot of shrines which worship the god of love in power spots of the world. Just give a prayer and buy a charm.

If there is a special manner to improve luck in love, follow it and get some power from it. You might get to meet someone who also visited the place for the same reason.


Rely on fortune-telling for love

If you don’t have a crush on anyone, or know what to do exactly, why don’t you try a website for fortune-telling?

There are many different fortune-telling such as Tarot and horoscope, and some give you concrete examples or advices to you. For example, “Go to XX and you might meet someone wonderful.”, “Someone who is XX could give you a good luck.”, etc.

So if you don’t know what to do, follow the advice from the fortune-telling. Go to the place or look for the person as the advice tells you. Don’t you think you can change your destiny by taking action rather than just waiting for a good chance.


Be honest in front of the person you like

If you want to start a relationship, you can’t just keep waiting. Stop waiting for someone coming to you, and be honest to the person you like.

Your energy of the heart will be more powerful by growing your feeling to someone. Therefore, if you be active and take actions, you will be confident and make a good result.

It’s understandable that you can’t help pretending to be cold, but it might give others a wrong idea. Honesty is the best policy.


Go with the flow and follow your destiny

It’s good to act aggressively, but too much of it could create a negative effect. For example, when you go to a city wishing to see the person you like, you can’t see them.

At such times, don’t try too hard and just focus on polish yourself. If you behave in a decent way regularly, the good flow must come naturally.

Going with the flow doesn’t mean to keep waiting without doing anything, but read the flow. The natural flow never comes if you don’t do anything.


Remember, ”He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin”

You can’t avoid a trouble when you have a contact with the person you like. Try to contact the friends of the person as well to let everything go smoothly.

They would tell you the things you can hear from the person, and they would also tell the person good things about you. So have them to your side. Your own friends would also help you

when you have a problem.

When you have any problem with your partner, have your friend go between you two. Then you would see a solution. If you want a relationship, value your friends first. Your life could be bad if you lose them, even if you are in a relationship.


Get to know the birthday and the star sign of someone you like

It’s collecting information that’s important to go into a relationship. First of all, check the basic data of the person you like such as their birthday.

You can give them a birthday present, or try fortune-telling using star signs, which could give you an advice what to do. This is a common subject, so you will be able to get the information easily.


Try spiritual counseling

This word may not be familiar, but there is a support system called spiritual counseling.

You can talk not only about your relationship, but also about any problems in your life. They offer a place where you can visit and talk, and they also have a session via Skype and a phone.

If you are too embarrassed to talk about your matters to your friends, it’s also an option to talk to these professionals. By asking for an advice from someone, you may see a solution.


Did you find this article helpful?

It would be great if you become positive about having a relationship or trying some tips here. The first step for a relationship is not to look for someone suitable for you , but to polish yourself to become confident.

Of course, it’s easier to just keep waiting for an action from others. But if you fell in love with someone, nothing will happen unless you take actions. You mind is so beautiful when you try to love someone, even if it’s just a dream which makes everyone blind to love.

I hope you can find great love.



7 recommendable ways to start spiritual love

・Visit a shrine where the god of love is enshrined
・Rely on fortune-telling for love
・Be honest in front of the person you like
・Go with the flow and follow your destiny
・Remember, ”He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin”
・Get to know the birthday and the star sign of someone you like
・Try spiritual counseling


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