What is spiritual? Explore from 7 aspects.

What is spiritual? Explore it from 7 aspects.

The word “spiritual” can be called general word now, and many people find it familiar. Many magazines and TV programs use this word, and often feature it.

Today, I’ll define it from 7 aspects.

 What is spiritual? Explore from 7 aspects.


1: The “invisible” world

Spiritual is originally an adjective means “relating to the mind,” “of the spirit world,” “of holy ghosts.”

Since the 18th century, modern science has evolved rapidly. Then people have become to think that all things should be proven with scientific/logical procedures. In our time, many people have thought in that way so far.

However, can science explain everything on the earth or in the universe? The answer is No. What will happen to us after death? What was us before we were born? Is really not there any alien even according to the occultism? Science will not provide clear answers to those questions.

These days, the word “spiritual” is applied to those things that science doesn’t answer clearly.


2: Not horrifying

Some people are scared to invisible things. Spiritual sees them not always horrifying.

Of course, if some spirits try to harm living people, we should talk to them or fight against them. However, that is not all. If some spirits send us messages to support us, we should not be afraid of all spirits. Most people who are interested to spiritual want to receive those messages positively, and live better using them. The word “spiritual” includes that perspective.
Perhaps this is why many people accept the word “spiritual”.


3: Karma/Reincarnation

We all run up against a stone wall sometimes. Perhaps that is exactly the trial/task you should get over in your life.

If you get stuck at something, accept the result first, and change yourself gradually through self-reflection. It is not a special thing, but to live getting over those problems is the way to get rid of karma.


4: Seeing inside yourself

What were you born to do?

You must have asked yourself that simple question before, at least once. That is a “heavy” question for people who just let their life slide. However, everybody has to face that question in the life. Philosophy or religion may help you. Spiritual may also give you some hints. It is because spiritual includes philosophy and religion, the things related to unconscious mind or self-enlightenment, and talking to invisible beings.


5: To receive something

All of us are protected by invisible beings.

It is called in different names in different regions or by different spiritualists. They may call it a guardian spirit, a guide spirit, an angel, a dragon, or fairy. All those beings may be invisible guards for us. Think about something make you live, and guard you. Just accept it. That is a way of the spiritual contemplation.


6: It is a part of nature.

Sometimes we have some feelings of wonder when we look up at the night sky, or seeing the sunset.

We are living on the earth, in the solar system, in the limitless universe.
There are difficulties, beauties, troubles, and pleasure in an ordinary life. Everything is gathered by chance, by the fate-like power. Then we are here right now. That feeling may be the source of gratitude to ordinary things, life itself, and the power of nature.

This sense is difficult to explain, but to make you think about those all beings is also spiritual. Be sensitive to nature sometimes. To aware of the hugeness is very important for you.


7: Love and life

We were born to this world and live, and we will be dead someday. The circle of our life may be exactly spiritual.

Being yourself is the most important thing.

Each of us is loved and living. That is miracle. We have some feelings when think about life and love. Those feelings are also spiritual. The word “spiritual” must contain something precious. It is invisible but certainly exist.


Now, what do you think about it?
I hope your doubt about spiritual will be cleared, and you will use them in your life. Thank you for reading though again.


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