9 ways to enjoy life with light spiritual

9 methods to enjoy every day with light spiritual

Spiritual may give some images such as inspiration, spirit world, seeing previous life or seeing through.

There is such a genre, but spirituals become one of the tool which you can enjoy easily near yourself and make your life slightly productive.
Today I will suggest some methods to enjoy every day with such spirituals.

9 ways to enjoy life with light spiritual


Have an experience with simple spiritual

What? What do you mean? You may think there is not an inspiration, but the experiences of spirituals lie hidden in various everyday scenes.

You do not need to see guardian spirits and to hear a voice of God.

The experiences of spirituals in daily life are to receive inspiration from the nature, that is, to hear the sound of rain, to lend your ear to the chirping of cicada, to look at waving of a leaf by wind, to smell the kitchen getting ready for of a dinner, and so on.

Even If you turn your consciousness to such things that you do as nothing special, don’t you have a different way of feeling than usual?
The nature you feel with the five senses and can get with something like the intuition called the sixth sense is a spiritual most near yourself .


Go to a spiritual place

This is derived from No.1. If you want to feel spirituals easily and enjoy them, you should go to the spiritual place. Although you may think it suddenly came out late years, it does not so, and only the place introduced on TV is not necessarily good.

Of course it is good to go to the place becoming a popular topic, and it is actually the right spiritual place where you feel comfortable most or where you feel lively if you are there. You adjust your antenna sensitively only a little, and please look for such a spot.


Visit the spiritual place of various countries

How about making a little side trip to visit a spiritual place while you go on an overseas travel?

Overseas spiritual places had various backgrounds based on the history and religion of each area. You must receive such inspiration as your heart is swayed by all means.

<Famous spiritual places>
Japan: Mount Fuji
The U.K.: Stonehenge
France: Mon saint Michael
Peru: Machu Picchu
Israel: Jerusalem


Take a good sleep with a spiritual

There is the people who make introduction to sleep better by adopting an action of spiritual. It is very important for a soul to sleep. It goes without saying that your body are tired if you stay up all night for days, and it makes your heart come to have no room.

It is to charge a soul to sleep.

I will recommend that you should take in clean water to your body again and go to bed after you completely drain the stored fatigues and the harms of heart of the day with sweat in a bath at the end of a day.

When you could do the purification of a soul well, you could fall asleep well by itself.


Action in good awaking morning

According to the viewpoint with the origin of a soul, it is the method that people can wake most easily to wake up with being bathed in the sunlight. If you get good waking at the beginning of a day, you will feel good much more on that day.

I will recommend the curtain should be not a shading one but the bright color one made with the cloth taking in the sunlight. You should charge your soul by taking solar energy.


Feel self-energy

There is an interesting phenomenon.

Let your palms of both hands face each other closer until you feel whether fingers touch or not.
Next try to swing them with imaging to rub to right and left, or to put them close to and far from each other repeatedly with imaging to pull a thread.

How do you feel? Don’t you feel warm at a fingertip? Don’t you feel any invisible clouded air between your hands
It is the energy that we have. Even if it is invisible to the eye, you always feel it in this way. You feel the warmth by all means when you bring your face and skin close to your beloved person or your children. Anyone lives with energy.


Have your space in the room

Don’t you feel disconcerted strangely in somebody else’s home or first-time hotel?

It is because the different energy from yours flows through the room. We usually emit energy with quite a few heat.

You come to cause a sense of incongruity because you take time to fill the first-time room with your energy. A “sound” is the energy that you can emit quickly in such a case.

You can transfer your sound energy with patting your hands immediately after entering the room and clean negative vibe with it. In case you feel disconcerted, you should try to emit a sound.


Understand a religion

It is said that many Japanese people are irreligionists, but it is very important to know the various religions on taking in spirituals.

As for the deeply religious people, their thinking is controlled by religion. The religion having a long history has great persuasive power by itself, and it educates a lot of really important things to a soul.

It is not necessary to believe forcedly, but it may lead to become easy to understand other people’s thoughts and actions with the knowledge.


Be nice to a person in the true sense

It is to try to understand the nature, yourself, and another person heartily to feel spirituals.
If you can understand and become gentle it will come back to yourself. It is comfortable to be gentle to other persons.

It is very comfortable to be gentle by other persons, too. It is the hint of enjoying every day that the feelings are connected. It seems to be a matter of course, don’t you forget it because you are pressed by daily stress? You had better go back once again.


In the Buddhism, tit is said that he soul of a person is under metempsychosis, and that you will live in the same soul over and over again.
Therefore, for when you were reborn next, would you like to bring up your soul with enjoying days with slight spiritual actions you can do today?
You should actually take in slightly spiritual action to spend a good day in casual daily life.

I will give aid to you so that you can spend every day to feel pleasantness and happiness.



9 methods to enjoy every day with light spiritual

・ Have an experience with simple spiritual
・ Go to a spiritual place
・ Visit the spiritual place of various countries
・ Take a good sleep with a spiritual
・ Action in good awaking morning
・ Feel self-energy
・ Have your space in the room
・ Understand a religion
・ Be nice to a person in the true sense


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