7 methods for better fortune by spiritual

7 methods to up the fortune with spiritual in your life

You get up at 6:00 in the morning, have a breakfast of coffee and toast, go to your office at 8:00, have lunch if you have time, work until 22:00 at night, return home, wash and clean down a little, and collapse into your bed.

Many such women seem to live a whirlwind of life that is far from a stylish female office worker appear on the scene of the drama.

Actually you want spiritual times calmly to reflect on your heart and soul such as to read a book and listen to music with making a cup of favorite tea. You may feel you lead to a dead end because you can not change of your pace without taking time in similar daily repetition.

It was not supposed to be like this!

I will tell 7 recommended spiritual methods recommended for such people to be able to regain them like themselves simply and brightly.

7 methodsfor better fortune by spiritual


Try to look for “What was good.”

By the way, do you know “Pollyanna Story”? It is a famous story that was made into animate for a long time ago. Little girl Pollyanna who became an orphan brightly overcomes the situation no matter how painful it is with the will of her father of “Looking for good.”

The “Looking for good” became famous enough to be regarded as the state of “self-satisfaction to see the only good part without being opposed to the problem” is named “Pollyanna syndrome.” Personally I do not think it is an escapism.

Certainly, you will come to stop to grow as a human being If you are satisfied the present status and give up making an effort or having an ambition.

However it is very difficult to pay attention to good points of anther people and talk to them at the present time. Your heart can have the spiritual strength with looking for your good points and admitting yourself rather than deflating your mind without speak to anyone words of appreciation and consideration.

In busy every day, you may not be able to live like you expect. You may feel only making no progress toward the future you wish. Since you are working hard every day, you can find a lot of “Good” as saying “But I could try it hard today.”

With directing your attention to “Good” like that, you would be expected to achieve a spiritual and healthy life no matter how busy and boring it is.


Make a “favorite things notebook.”

This is also a way of thinking that leads to “looking for good.” In the stressful present time, there will be one thing to havel the anger, frustration, or disappointment, or broken heart every day.

On such days your heart is exhausted before you know it and you may lose your power to fulfill your wishes and to brighten you.

What you like is a vitamin of the heart. When you touch your favorite things and your heart throbs, your heart regains freshness and strengthens a spiritual power.

Strawberry shortcake
Berry Pink
Collection of picture books
I climb a mountain with cute looking

And other things such as a favorite food, or a favorite thing you want to do or anything will be acceptable.

Write earnestly only the “favorite things” which make your heart throb just with imagining in the notebook of your favorite design with a comfortable writing pen. It may be better to make the more decorations with masking tapes.

You have the notebook lightening your heart just with seeing, the pages having the decoration pleased just with opening, and only favorite things written by you. There is the space where your dreams exactly spread. It will make your heart pick up to touch it.


Arrange in your house, and arrange your heart as well

Do you know the book called “the magic of the clearing that your heart throbs” written by Marie Kondo? It is the book that will break the concept of conventional “clearing” in a good meaning and rebuild from the root. It is not only the know-how of clearing up.

She is coming to ensures the standard to leave only the things making you “throb,” and
realize the room surrounded by your favorite things and really loving things only. You may think it takes time for organizing, and don’t you think it spiritual at all?

Of course not. It is worth trying it. Because the splendid points of the method will be found after the clearing. When you looked around, and only the things you like and makes your heart throb are remained there.

You will notice that you are naturally acting with cherishing things and thinking you would be a wonderful person appropriate to your favorite things.

In this way, If you can arrange your heart with organizing your room and make your wonderful environment at first, you will be able to realize “a wonderful person” appropriate to the environment. Your fortune must improve by all means by doing so.


Try to pray

In Japan, since religion is not talked about very much, many people may have an image as saying “Religion is suspicious.” as a result of seeing and hearing religious conflicts and incidents of emerging religion.

I does not talk about religion here, but I think the “prayer” will create a certain effect.

In other words, if you make the words or the voices of your heart for your wishes in regard to something to believe(such as God in the case of religion), you will have a spiritual effect. Any subject does not matter.

Please have God in your heart, and try to pray at various times such as when you wake up, when you have a meal, when you get yourself into a fix, when you go to bed.
Make a charm only for yourself

This is something close to Method 4. Christians wear a rosary. You decide a charm only for yourself and please try to wear it. Anything is acceptable, that is, they may be the accessories of the cross motif, an actual charm, and a simple present you got from somebody

It will become a charm of your own if you put your wish into it. Surely it will sow a spiritual effect for you.


Make a altar only for yourself

In an old Japanese house, a household Shinto altar was established. The culture that they face to God and put their palms together seems to have taken root. Japanese intrinsically had a very spiritual life.

But, you may think it unreasonable to have an altar in a small house or a studio apartment. The altar referred to here is not an actual altar. The place is acceptable anywhere.

Please try to decide your “sacred place” since the place such as the entrance, the restroom, the bath and your room does not matter anywhere.

And you do not place everyday miscellaneous things, and try to decorate the place so as to feel great and get into high spirits with decorating flowers or favorite accessories or putting photographs or figurines.

It is your altar. Surely you would feel your heart leap as if your fortune improves every time you see it.


Visit a grave

You are there, because there is the existence of your parents, their parents, and their parents’ parents, that is, your ancestors. The blood flows in your body even if you have not met them directly. They surely pray for your happiness even if you do not know even their existence.

You sometimes pay attention to such an existence, and how about conveying your feeling of gratitude?
I have introduced 7 methods to improve your fortune with taking in spirituals a little in your life . How about them?

They are what you could do easily and might be able to “understand somehow.” If you do not believe the effects and begin as a matter of form, you may happen to derive the contents. On your next day off, please practice it with the intention of a little change of pace.



7 methods to up the fortune with spiritual in your life

・ Try to look for “What was good.”
・ Make a “favorite things notebook.”
・ Arrange in your house, and arrange your heart as well
・ Try to pray
・ Make a charm only for yourself
・ Make a altar only for yourself
・ Visit a grave


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