7 reasons why stocks are suitable for a wedding bouquet

7 reasons why stocks are suitable for a wedding bouquet

A wedding bouquet can play an important role as it accents your dress or makes your dress different.

These days, there are many types of bouquets, so it may be difficult to choose one. When you struggle to choose, why don’t you choose one by language of flowers?

If you choose one by language of flowers rather than by looking, it will be a good memory in your life. This article will introduce you stock, which language of flowers is suitable for weddings. It is a very popular flower and suitable for a wedding bouquet, so it maybe good for you to put it on your list.

7 reasons why stocks are suitable for a wedding bouquet


A bond of love

Stocks have lots of lovely language of flowers, and the most well-known language is “a bond of love”. This is a very suitable for a wedding which a couple swear a bond of love.

Stocks are often used at weddings in many countries as it is a symbol of a happy love and everlasting love.

By the way, a meaning of stock came from that the flower has a strong straight stem. Therefore, the flower can be reminiscent of an unwavering bond of love.



Other language of stocks is “paradise”.

A stock is a Mediterranean plat with a sweet smell and petals like clouds. So you may feel like you are in a paradise.

If you choose stocks to use for a wedding bouquet, your wedding will be dreamy. Especially if you plan to have a wedding in a holiday resort, you should use stocks. The flower can be suitable for weddings on a beach.


Patience in adversity

At a wedding, a couple swear like “We shall bear together whatever of sorrow and adversity life may place upon us…”. Likewise, stocks have “patience in adversity” and “honest”.

A bride looks very happy, but she may be feeling anxious at the same time. So this language of flowers can help you to build a strong relationship with him.


Eternal beauty

Stocks also have “eternal beauty”. So if you use stocks for your wedding bouquet, it will be your lucky charm that you will never forget your beautiful wedding day and keep a good relationship forever.

Also, stock petals are very soft like angel wings, so that it looks wonderful if stocks are used for aisle flowers.
So photos of your wedding should be a great treasure in your life.


White stock is “thoughtfulness”

White stocks are often used for a wedding bouquet, and means “thoughtfulness”. “Thoughtfulness for someone” is essential for a couple to live together.

The white colour can give a faithful impression, and it is also suitable to express bride’s feelings. In order to be thoughtful for your husband forever, why don’ t you use white stocks?


Red stock is “trust me”

Red stocks has “trust me”. If you use red stocks, you would resolve to love your husband forever and not to let him down.

It can be good to use white colour at a ceremony and red colour at a reception. Fashion styles using the red colour as an accent can fit an intelligent women. It can also bring out your charms.


Pink stock is “rich love”

Pin stocks can provide nice and cosy atmosphere, and have “rich love”. Do you feel like you will build a happy family?

The pink colour makes a bride looks more beautiful, so you should use some. Also, it can look great when you throw pink stock petals at wedding, especially at an outdoor wedding on a sunny day.


Most of language of stock is suitable for a bride, so the flowers are very popular for a wedding bouquet. They can be used as a main flower as well as a body flower.

Hope you will have a wonderful wedding using language of stocks.



7 reasons why stocks are suitable for a wedding bouquet

– A bond of love
– Paradise
– Patience in adversity
– Eternal beauty
– White stock is “thoughtfulness”
– Red stock is “trust me”
– Pink stock is “rich love”

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