7 suggestions recommended for a girl growing taller

7 suggestions recommended for a girl growing tallerIn the late years people of the height increased. It is the good evidence that is the times when food is rich.

However, the girl of marriageable age seems to be troubled saying “I want to no longer stretch out height and want to become a short small-sized girl!”. A person told “to be pretty” like “the women” is short and is surely a small-sized figure.

According to another person, it seems to be not serious, but will be a matter of life and death for the person. A woman is beautiful, and even several women want to be pretty. If you are the same woman, you will understand the feeling.

Besides, you make an effort so that you are already desperate, and height becomes pretty for short and it is too admirable and can cry if the boy of the heart tells you “to like small, pretty daughters!” … .

Therefore you feel that it is good news and clings to a girl troubled about growing taller intensely and will see it!

7 suggestions recommended for a girl growing taller


Why does the height grow? (meal)

At first the height grows when you live a regular life. The reason why your height is high is that you live a regular life with health.
If it is a meal, calcium magnesium vitamin D, protein is effective mainly. In other words, it is to say that height lengthens when you eat food except oils and fats, a saccharide, cereals, potatoes in a good balance.

However, it is to say, “then the height does not grow if you eat only oils and fats, a saccharide, cereals, potatoes!” that do not jump to the conclusion here. Even if the height is not surely exhausted from this, you gain weight surely. It is too much big risk.

In addition, three meals are important well in taking it and the time. It is important that you have the dinner in particular two hours before the going to bed. You explain the thing in the next item.


Why does the height grow? (sleep)

By the way, it is a matter to have dinner two hours before the going to bed that you talk about some time ago, but at first there are “non-REM sleep” and “REM sleep” for sleep.

The non-REM is the sleep that brain stops properly, and the body stops the REM, but the brain is an active sleep. We repeat REM sleep and non-REM sleep and sleep.

As for the time when a growth hormone is secreted most, it is said after going to bed for from one and a half hours to two hours. The non-REM sleep of the deep sleep is necessary to promote the secretion of the growth hormone. It is important to lower blood sugar level to some extent to invite you to the sleep. Thus, you must have the dinner two hours before the going to bed.

And it is a sleep, but, as for the child, adult is said to need six hours as a rough aim for from eight hours to ten hours.

The body grows up by taking a meal, sleep and the moderate exercise.


We set a limit to a meal, exercise, sleep, and let’s build muscle

It is growth measures, but you reduce some quantity, and the meal will eat the thing which you get of the nourishment balance three meals. Not only the nourishment which is apt to be partial is not good for a period of growth, but also it is bad for beauty.

You can sharpen the sleep to some extent. Because attention is needed here, but everyday life does not always go as we want when decreasing a sleep, and the decrease stops growth to bust, too; being careful … .

It is exercise, but an obese is caused when it does not work moderately. It will be enough work in an everyday life range.

Then it is a measure to be able to tell this to be concrete, but it becomes the soothing degree, but is to attach muscle. A burden depends on a body too much when you develop muscle of the part for a period of growth, and height does not grow.


Let’s devise fashions looking have low height

Let’s gloss over an appearance with a fashion while practicing the invention that interferes with being prolonged at height.

You do not wear the shoes of the heel, and how about that the underwear of the small side to understand a figure at first glance wears a reserve, feminine system of the soft silhouette?

Particularly, longish dresses of the length that does not become the high waist are recommended. To a fashion, as for the form that you do softly, the hairstyle is very pretty, too!

When it is a casual system, lower loose sarouel pants and a straight long skirt are recommended.

A point is to cover the lower part of the body with loose cloth. The underwear will make the loose thing, skirt a knee-length one at unhurried long length even if short.

We bend a knee to sometimes make a back look low and walk and hear a story to do in the stoop that is the extreme, but let’s stop it immediately after an impression worsens because it is an adverse effect for a period of growth. You understand the feeling, but unfortunately it is not good for you … .


Let’s make the contents feminine

The next must train an internal girl power if you make appearance pretty.

At first you will mind the person of the circumference.

You start a tissue quickly if you sip a nose after the person whom there is in front sneezed and you start a folding fan on a hot day in the summer and are good in fan, and a small thing in the friends of the circumference.

Or it may be good to work as a part timer of the waiting on customers if it is environment and the age that you work now.

Then, let’s keep it in mind in being always with cleanliness. It is not only to take a bath every day. Not to mention the clothes which you wear whether it does not become full, wash the shoes and you will polish the wallet with a receipt and a unnecessary card so that your room is cleared up.

Finally let’s be always with a smile kindly. The hateful boy does not have a gentle girl with a smile all the time.


You give it up and assume a defiant attitude

It is one hand to give up. If it becomes the negative impression when you say, “You give it up”, but things go well just to merely give it up, and to assume a defiant attitude, there cannot be the no longer positive thing.

Please think that there is not the person saying an unpleasant thing by the problem only for appearances. It does not become for you even if you mind it one by one. On the contrary, let’s look for a person recognizing you.

A tall, slim woman is very wonderful and is the existence that even a woman longs for the men. A human being is a thing coming like a person having the thing which you do not have.

In addition, you will look good with clothes of dry straight hair and the long length well. It is the time of the cool woman who becomes independent, and is reliable now. It is not any shameful thing.

The cute charge entrusts other girls, and oneself is cool; is in charge, and let’s be full of cool system girls!


Let’s find a partner having higher than yourself

It will be good to find a partner having higher than yourself.

A target is squeezed in one point when you aim for this, but becomes the vitality when there is a concrete aim. It is pleasant to think in various ways what kind of person is an ideal!

In addition, how about that you keep company with the boy whom the girl of the period of growth thinks to be, “it is slightly good!” positively? You may understand your good point once when you go together saying it is saying, “in fact, it is feminine” unexpectedly.
It is matters that require attention, but please do not cut it off lightly saying “You will stop it because this person is below yourself in height”. Even a man is the contents than height. A heart is unexpectedly big when you go together and is a manly thing.


How do you feel about them? I think about a method to no longer lengthen height in various ways, but after all tries are in vain.
By the way, you discuss it once again, why do you hate being high? Of course this is because it wants to make you look pretty like a woman to the man of the heart mainly.
This is a personal opinion of the writers, but thinks that a person minding height is nonsense.
The thing saying that beauty and Kawaii of the woman leaves only from the appearance. The man judges the good or bad from the appearance of the woman, but may surely think that it is, “this daughter is pretty” only after he really talks with her.
Rather “this daughter, height, slightly … Even if it is apologies, and the man having a small caliber thinking that “is rude may keep company from this miraculously, it is bound that aversion puts it in lack of the mind of the partner and will part.
Only as for the result, little of the heart can grow up, but please catch a generous man because you see the bright future with the person.

And you want to have the girl who is younger spend the time healthfully above all.
You will work hard to take the one where you do not want to stretch out height and are troubled with to the plus not seeing the present appearance for minus. It is an arm, a thing going unexpectedly well durability of the slight mind.



7 suggestions recommended for a girl growing taller

・ The height grows by a good meal of the balance
・ A growth hormone is secreted when you eat dinner two hours before the going to bed
・ You build muscle reducing a meal, a sleep
・ You devise a fashion and do not make you look tall
・ You train a girl power and polish the contents
・ You assume a defiant attitude and live positively
・ You find an ideal tall boy

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