7 ways to drink tea as diet methods

7 ways to drink tea as diet methods
Do you know diet tea? Henmi Emiri, Japanese talent, succeeded losing 10kg for two weeks by the diet tea, so its effects are great.

Good points of the diet tea are that you don’t need food restrictions and can enjoy a healthy diet. Its active ingredients control fat and sugar and make a body hard to gain weight and to be swollen.

However, diet tea isn’t medicine, so taking it doesn’t lead a quick result. It is necessary to drink it every day to get positive effects. For the best result, it’s important to select tea for each purpose, and the primary is to choose tasty tea for you.

There are many kinds of tea and each tea is different from others in ingredients and effects. Tea which doesn’t have high diet effects cannot bring weight loss, so it requires selecting carefully.

I’ll introduce typical kinds of tea and explain effects of each tea and ways.
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