Love charms – 5 steps to get ex back

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend can be incredibly fun. However, it is heartbreaking to break up with someone. Here are some love charms to get back together.

7 steps: dream comes true by new moon

Do you know that giving a charm under new moon is effective? Here are 7 steps to give a charm of your wish on a day of new moon, the first day of phases of the moon.
How to raise a fortune

9 ways to remove stresses with affirmation

Frustrated everyday? It’s not good both mentally and physically. Tell yourself happy words and make days brighter. Here are how to remove stresses with affirmation.
How to use the subconscious

9 ways to be what you want to be by affirmation

Do you know “affirmation”? It is a “profession to yourself”. For example, if you believe you would recover from illness, your mind changes and it will become true.
Law of happiness

7 steps to encourage yourself by affirmation

Do you know affirmation? It means "affirming oneself". The most effective affirmation is to say gratitude or positive words to oneself, feeling emotions and senses.

5 ways to love yourself – heart&conscious

Some people love themselves while others don’t. How about you? If you don’t, why don’t you love yourself? Here are 5 ways to love yourself.
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