9 Tips How To Love Yourself More by joy

Make a Happy Circle, 9 Tips How To Love Yourself More.

Have you ever heard of the song which goes ” when you’re happy, the happiness brings another friend of happiness to experience all these positive feelings together”.

The writer of the song is unknown, but they say the song was popular from the early Showa era to toward the end of the Meiji era. As the song says, a link of “Happiness” is circled.

So, this song meant if you make “happiness” as a link in the chain of life, “happiness” finds its way back to you. Wouldn’t it be lovely if “happiness” was brought to you every day? What’s more, those days making us pessimistic would come to an end and you would be able to love yourself more.

But the thing is, what can we do?  Here, we are going to introduce 9 simple tips.

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7 easy autosuggestion to attract fortune

7 easy autosuggestion to attract fortune

We say “I want to be happy.” like a talking habit. We hear this phrase a lot.

Please learn the ways and become such a lucky person!

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7 easy charms to make your wish come true

Ways to make your wish come true, 7 easy charms to remember
What is your wish?
Want to be rich?
Want to be friends, or even go out with someone you love?
Want to be beautiful?
Want to be successful in work?

You all should have something in your mind. Some of you may easily come up with 10 or 20 wishes. Why don’t you make them come true?

Here are good charms for those who want to make wishes come true!

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10 autosuggestions to change future

10 autosuggestions and ways to change future

We are autosuggesting everyday. Some of you are doubtful about this, but we really are.

To begin with, what is autosuggestion? Let’s look up in a dictionary.
“An influencing of one’s own attitudes, behavior, or physical condition by mental processes other than conscious thought.”
In other words, you believe something that is not true as a true thing. Sounds a bit scary. It means, you are deciding your future by yourself.
If so, we want to make better future as possible.

Here are ways for you to change future!

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Easy 9 ways to use autosuggestion

Easy ways to use autosuggestion, 9 ways to forget bad things

When we are facing difficulties and feel pain, we likely to think “nothing good will happen”, “it is my fault”, “what should I do now” etc. We regret and sink deep in depression.
You shouldn’t endure your feelings, but you also need to find out a way to find light and move forward.

By seeking a new way, you can often find new ideas and pathways you have never thought of, and have brighter future. However, sometimes you are too depressed to think positively. If so, give “autosuggestion” to yourself and try to step forward.

Hypnogenesis and autosuggestion are used for treatment of psychosomatic disorder. If you have a will to step toward better direction, and have positive purposes, autosuggestion is always by your side.

Many people might have questions of how you can autosuggest, or whether it is possible for untrained person.

Autosuggestion is nothing special, it is just a way to “encourage yourself”. Of course, you should see specialized doctor or therapist you can rely on for treatment with complicated techniques, such as deep hypnogenesis and previous life treatment. However autosuggestion is what you can do by yourself and you don’t need to worry. By giving autosuggestions, we can inspire our “potential” and can be conscious to control ourselves.

Here are how to autosuggest.

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