blood type

Personality and blood type

Blood type AB personality and behavior!

Is AB blood type personality double-dealing? Many of blood type AB people are skillful and smart. They are good at finishing many works in parallel.
Personality and blood type

Blood type O personality and behavior!

Blood type O personality is confident, conscientious, has a goal to aim and keep making an effort to accomplish it. They have strong mentality and confidence.
Personality and blood type

Blood type B personality and behavior!

Keywords of blood type B personality are optimist, going on their own pace, outgoing and take a leadership, and fun to talk with. They rarely get depressed.
Personality and blood type

Blood type A personality and behavior!

A person with blood type A is well-organized and prudent. In fortune-telling, keywords for blood type A personality are “earnest” and “organized” and it is tr
Personality and blood type

Characteristics by blood type personality

We know people can’t be divided in just 4 patterns, but we care about “blood type personality”, because they really differ. Here are behavior patterns of each type.
Personality and blood type

7 ways to cope with blood type B people

Do you know someone with blood type B? Some people think that they are hard to deal with. But let’s learn about blood type B personality to get along with them.
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