7 selections matching for the bougainvillea flower

7 selections matching for the bougainvillea flowerThe bougainvillea is the representative plant in the tropical zone and Brazil is the place of origin of it. In Okinawa it produces flowers one after another from the autumn to spring except in the summer.

The bougainvillea is named for Dr. Louis Antoine Buganbiyu, French scientist and explorer, who found the tree in Brazil in 1768 and found also the flowers for the first time. It becomes also the name of “Bougainville Island” which is the largest island in the Solomon Islands.

The Japanese name is “Ikadakazura (raft vine).” This is the vine plants of the shrubs. The English name is “Paper flower.” This comes from the petals such as the articles made out of paper.

The flower languages of the bougainvillea are “passion,” “you are full of charm” and “I can see you only.” I will assort 7 presents matching for them here.

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