7 Tips on How to Grow Basil

7 Tips on How to Grow Basil

The basil is a very popular all-around herb that can be used for many different dishes. For example, you can make a basil pesto and use it with potatoes or you can just use it as a topping. It goes really well with tomatoes. It can be eaten cooked or uncooked.

Also, the basil is one of the easiest vegetables you can grow in your garden. Even an amateur can certainly harvest it.

So, why don’t you grow basil in your garden this year? Even sloppy people can do it. It doesn’t matter if you get bored easily. Once the seed germinates, it is really easy to grow. This article will show you how to grow basil in a way that will increase your harvest.
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7 easy points of beginners raising winter flowers

7 easy points of beginners raising winter flowersThere are not so many flowers of the cold season you can enjoy them, so why don’t you brighten your house with the bright color of bright flowers?

When it comes to spring many flowers are in full bloom and it is beautiful, and there is a fixed concept of warm = flower, so it is questionable whether flowers bloom in absolutely cold season. Even it is nice to enjoy the flowers that you can enjoy only now try and that you grow by your own hands! !

You are happy if there is a strong flower blooming without any trouble towards the spring. There are strong flowers for each season, so you need to study when they bloom or when they are suitable in advance. Continue to choose the perfect winter flowers for this cold season ♪

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7 reminded points in raising Jasminum polyanthum

7 reminded points in raising Jasminum polyanthumDo you know a flower with the fantastic name called Jasminum polyanthum (robe of an angel jasmine)? It is simple visually and is a small flower having five pieces of pure white pretty petals. From light pink and a white flower, it gives off a sweet smell peculiar to jasmine.

“The robe of an angel” which becomes the name of this flower is the thin clothes made with the feather of the bird which God and people wear. Or it means the feather of a bird and the insect.

Jasminum polyanthum puts out many buds from 30 to 40 on the tip of one string. When it flowers, it blooms while giving off a sweet fragrance in sequence to be piled up.

It is called “The robe of an angel” because it is said that the figure that many flowers in full glory looks like an overlapping feather.

The person loving fragrances of the jasmine brings it up with a potted plant and can enjoy it in the room. Jasminum polyanthum (robe of an angel jasmine) enables us to enjoy both the sight and the sense of smell enough. O.K. then, I want to initiate you into how to raise it.

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