7 tips to attract fortune by divination

7 things to attract happy fortune using divination

Have you ever heard of the saying, “You can never tell whether a prophecy will hit or miss” before?

This saying means you shouldn’t trust what prophecies say too much as they can be right at one time and wrong at others. It’s used when a prophecy tells you bad things such as when you drew the worst ill of luck in fortune telling slips.

By the way what’s a “prophecy”? Prophecy means 8 different kind of shapes, they are made by dividing blocks representing the positive and negative in divination.

Those 8 shapes represent water, fire, wind and mountain which form the underlying structure for elements of nature, and the world. though this brief explanation is on the line that extends to a grand philosophy of the positive and negative principles and natural philosophy,

Divination may not be familiar with you compared to astrology and tarot card reading. But by learning divination even slightly and having it incorporated in yourself, you will be able to take different approach than before, to enhance your fortune.

Now, I will introduce you 7 things to attract happy fortune using divination

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