7 hidden mysterious dream meanings of today

7 hidden mysterious dream meanings that you had today

Have you concerned about the dream you had this morning and wondered why you had and what this dream means?
In the dream, nothing is impossible that you feel so nostalgic that you met your friend whom you have not been seen for a long time,
you can chat with your favorite movie star, and sometimes you can fly like a bird above beautiful blue scienic ocean.

There are two scholar; Mr. Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist and Mr. Ivan Pavlov, Russian physiologist, they found out human’s dreams’ value,
and said Oneiromancy is made based on their dream investigation.
Hoever, most people tend to have and forget the story once they wake up …. dream is a dream.
According to the research of dream, you have a dream by the trigger of your unconcious mind.

After all, what you are having in the dream and your behaviour is the story that has made by your brain.
In spite of playing on your own, you might see that you do not want to or meet someone you do not want to
because you will never know which story of dream tonight until you go to bed.
You may try to know the meaning of this hidden dream message although you think it is just a dream when you had bad one.
In fact, your dream may try to tell you very important messages.
Well, Let’s find out with me what your dream meanings are you had today.

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7 to be careful if you dream of snakes -2-

7 things to be really careful when you dream of snakes -Part 2-

Have you ever dreamt of the snake? Oneiromancy is to estimate one’s wish or future. Today, I’d like to introduce you the new interpretation of the dream of snake which I’ve already introduced before. Many women hate snakes but snake was always worshipped worldwide.
It’s used to called as the God’s messenger and holy and has a good meaning. But at the same time it’s treated as the incarnation of evil.
This bilateral character is the key to understand the dream. So, I’ll explain you 7 interpretation that snakes imply.

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9 to be careful from dream of your lover

9 things to be careful when you dream of your lover

Did you dream of your lover recently? I wish we meet in a dream…when you say so, it sounds quite romantic.
But when you dream of your lover, the story could me the opposite in the reality.
Here let me explain to you 9 messages that your lover in your dream is trying to tell you.

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8 to be careful for being chased in a dream

8 things to be careful for being chased in a dream Many people might have experienced for being chased in a dream once. You can never relax because of the fear and anxiety by dreaming such things. Even if we know that it’s just a dream, it’s not fun to be chased.
Especially when you’re chased to a dead end or don’t know why you’ve been chased, it means you have anxiety.
A dream which you’re chased has various meanings depending on by the situations or who. So when you dream it, try to understand the meaning and be careful. [Read more…]

8 attentions on a dream of heartbreak

Oneiromancy! 8 attentions on a dream of heartbreakAnyone does not want to get heartbreak. Besides, it feels bad on awakening to have the dream of such a heartbreak. The bitter story is unpleasant though it is a dream, but it is one of the tools of the fortune-telling that a dream gives a suggestion.
The meaning seems to change by a partner and a situation though it is the dream of heartbreak.
What does a dream of heartbreak mean? I will introduce the meanings and careful matters in the oneiromancy.

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