Dream of Fire Analysis by Oneiromancy and Your 7 fates

Dream of Fire Analysis by Oneiromancy and Your 7 fatesIt would be frightened, if you had a dream that siren of fire engine was blowing in the middle of night and woke up and noticed fire. Just thinking of it is terrified. And you are sure to feel it was good because it’s just dream.

However, if you have a dream like that, you might be lucky. In dream fortune-telling, fire implies you have a chance of getting good luck. According to dream fortune-telling, dream of fire means your trouble would be solved and your uneasiness will be vanished.

I will analyze the fire dream you had and predict your 7fates.

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7 lucks we can tell by dream of fire

7 lucks we can tell by oneiromancy about “dream of fire”
From old times, dream reflects reality like a mirror, and we often hear about dream becoming real. That’s why we feel nervous when we have bad, unfortunate dreams. However, some dreams means the exact opposite of what will happen, and bad dreams sometimes mean good in reality.
One of such dreams is dream of fire.
Please be ready to accept lucky messages from a dream as you read this article! 

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7 happened events after a dream of fire

7 events which really happened after a dream of fireIt is an “oneiromancy” to predict your desire and your future on the base of the thing and the person or the situation that came out in a dream.
Today I will introduce the events that actually happened after having had the “dream of fire.”
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