Is a crystal bracelet effective? I comment in detail☆

Is a crystal bracelet effective? I comment in detail☆The stone has mysterious power. Above all, the crystal makes a thing looking at very beautifully a pure feeling. It purifies a rotation, and a special stone with the power to call good luck together is crystal. Therefore it has been used as a lucky charm to avoid a devil for a long time.

It is the good place of the bracelet to be able to wear it easily and smartly. Let’s surely show you a method to draw the effect of the bracelet of the crystal most possibly, if the person thinks it is beautiful but doubts the effect.

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What kind of effect does green garnet have in detail?

What kind of effect does green garnet have in detail?“The garnet” is famous as a stone amulet for an easy delivery of January. “The garnet” reminds many people of deep red, but, in fact, color variations are rich in the same way as tourmaline, and it is said that there are almost all colors except blue.

From the dark green garnet mentioned this time to faintly beautiful mint green, there are plural kinds. By the way, the green garnet is a stone of the guidance and the wisdom and this garnet crimson is the stone of love and the passion. I will introduce a care method as well as power to control.

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7 ways to make a wish come true, dangerous to abuse

7 successful stories of good luck imagesWhat is your wish? Can you make a wish come true? Words are thought to be alive , expressed with the soul of language. Besides, like “the law of the pull hotchpotch,” you can draw a wish by words. Buddha who realized Buddhism in the old days knew the power of words. Grant a wish, and you cry out words to draw happiness. Your wish may also come true.

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7 love charms not to repeat same problems

7 love charms for not repeating same problems with love

You probably have an experience of making a love charm “please have my beloved classmate love me the same”. If you think “it is just a childhood memory. I know love charm has no meaning”, don’t underestimate the effect of love charm!

With love charm, you can appeal to your subconscious and become confident “to make definite success”. This is especially must-read for those who always break up or make mistakes with same patterns! Let’s end the negative chain and pull happy love toward you.

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9 relation tips knowing personality by color

9 methods for a relation knowing personality with color What is your favorite color? What color of the clothes you are wearing today?
With wearing clothes of colors to match your theme color or the heart of TPO for the day, you can become healthy, calm down, and be synchronized with your surroundings.
If you want to explore the interior of a person, you should look at the outside.
Because our inside is symbolized there. As some poet said so, a person may feel calm with wearing the same color or the same clothes as others does.
When you make a pass at an opposite sex, or when you get along with friends, it might be possible also to chang the consciousness of your partner or your own by colors.
The most effective method to change you is to change the consciousness of your own. With the aid of the energy of color, you will be to be able to easily make friends with a partner than you thought. Try to be conscious about a color.
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