About Power Stone

Is a crystal bracelet effective? I comment in detail☆

The crystal purify a thing and bring you a luck. You can wear them as a crystal bracelet easily and stylish. Here you have the way to get the best effectiveness.
For personality, personalities and human relations

9 relation tips knowing personality by color

The most effective way to change oneself depends on self-awareness. The energy of color let you get his personality and closer to him. Be conscious about a color.
How love goes well

7 love charms not to repeat same problems

You appeal to subconscious and become confident “to make definite success” with love charm. This is must-read if you always break up or fail with same pattern.

What kind of effect does green garnet have in detail?

From dark green garnet to faintly mint green, green garnet of the guidance and the wisdom is among many kinds of stone, informed of power to control and care method.
How to fulfill a wish

7 ways to make a wish come true, dangerous to abuse

Like "the law of the pull," you can draw a wish by words. Buddha of Buddhism knew the power of words. Say words to draw happiness. Your wish may also come true.
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