About Power Stone

Is a crystal bracelet effective? I comment in detail☆

The stone has mysterious power. Above all, the crystal makes a thing looking at very beautifully a pure feeling. It purifies a rotation, and a special stone wit...
For personality, personalities and human relations

9 relation tips knowing personality by color

What is your favorite color? What color of the clothes you are wearing today? With wearing clothes of colors to match your theme color or the heart of TPO for...
How love goes well

7 love charms not to repeat same problems

You probably have an experience of making a love charm “please have my beloved classmate love me the same”. If you think “it is just a childhood memory. I k...

What kind of effect does green garnet have in detail?

"The garnet" is famous as a stone amulet for an easy delivery of January. "The garnet" reminds many people of deep red, but, in fact, color variations are rich ...
How to fulfill a wish

7 ways to make a wish come true, dangerous to abuse

What is your wish? Can you make a wish come true? Words are thought to be alive , expressed with the soul of language. Besides, like "the law of the pull hotchp...
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