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Fortune and Feng Shui

9 methods to be lucky with wallet color by feng shui

Your wallet may lower luck in money and fortune due to a relation between a wallet and feng shui. To understand the meaning of color for a wallet makes them up.
Fortune and Feng Shui

9 Feng Shui tips to gain your love luck

The process is very important to get the relationship. Some schemes support your luck. This time, let me guide you some Feng Shui tips to increase your love luck.

7 ways to refresh your room with plants using Feng Shui

If ventilation of the room is not effective, plants with relaxation effect are recommended. Select plants using Feng Shui, have comfortable air and fresh days.

7 ways to create comfort with plants and Feng Shui

If you want to have plants in your room, don’t hesitate and do so at once. I will help you make a comfortable room using Feng Shui and effective plants.

7 plants to improve happiness in room with Feng Shui

When coordinating a room using Feng Shui, plants are used to stimulate the energy in the room. I will introduce plants that improve your fortune in Feng Shui.
Fortune and Feng Shui

7 ways to be fine by feng shui door color

By feng shui, a doomat has a meaning to "remove a negative vibe." The color can remove it with a lucky direction. First, confirm which direction your entrance is.
Fortune and Feng Shui

9 tips on how to make the most use of your pink wallet

I bought this “Pink wallet”. It was a love at a first sight. Now, I’m much richer. Here are the 9 tips on how to make the most use of a “Pink wallet”.
How love goes well

7 Feng Shui tips for “I want a boyfriend”

“I want a boyfriend!“ Are you telling people around? This time, I'll explain the full details of 7 Feng Shui methods to attract your ideal man.
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