“Fire!”; message to you in a dream about fire

“Fire!”; message to you in a dream about fireThere may be many surprised people just to have heard the word fire. It is such a scary thing to see a fire in a dream. But the dream of the fire is going to convey the message which is important for you.

By the oneiromancy, the fire expresses life energy, passion, often dream of the fire when it is filled with energy and overflows. But the dream of the fire has danger and a passion. Dreams about fire has the negative meaning called the frustration to become afraid of the fire depending on how to use.

I will read the message which a dream tells to you together while taking your psychology situation for the fire in the dream into account. In reference to a message, it should surely help everyday life by comparing it with recent one’s feeling and thought.

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7 predictions from dream about fire

Dream about fire: 7 mysterious predictions from oneiromancyOneiromancy about fire. What does dream about fire mean? In reality, fire burns everything around you and fearful, but it has a bit different message in oneiromancy. “Fire” means passion, bonding, prosperity and other positive words.
However, fire caused on purpose or by accident means completely different.
Today, I will introduce to you 7 meanings we can tell from dream about fire.

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7 things to be careful from dream of a fire

7 things to be really careful when you dream of a fire

Oneiromancy is to read one’s wish or future by dream.
Today I’ll talk about dreaming of a fire. You might feel worried dreaming about a fire.
Quite many people dream of it especially burning one’s house. You might feel very unhappy to dream such thing but you just don’t know what really means.
Some dreams seem unfortunate at a glance but they turn out that they’re very lucky dreams, that’s the oneiromancy is about.
This time, I’ll explain 7 interpretation about dreaming of a fire.

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