Fortune and Feng Shui

9 Feng Shui tips to gain your love luck

The process is very important to get the relationship. Some schemes support your luck. This time, let me guide you some Feng Shui tips to increase your love luck.
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How to use Law of Attraction to be effective in twice

Happy things lead other good imagination, and bad things can be caused by bad imagination. Do you know how to use Law of Attraction to be effective in twice?
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Orchid meaning is “happiness flies to you!” Elegant appeals

Orchids have various shapes and often used for flower arrangement. Phalaenopsises mean “Happiness” and “pure love”. It’s about their meanings and elegant appeals.
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7 Mental Care Skills to Survive Separation for New Life

Every couple that has ended up in separation from a spouse has lived with long has its own reasons. Here is how to survive a breakup mentally for a new step forward.
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7 Tips for Your Happy Life by Arousing Your Potential

Awakening potentials make us happier and enriches our lives. Presented here is how to awaken your potential easily. Try to bring out your possibilities deep inside.
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7secrets of March Birthstones for Dream Come True

There are three kinds of March birthstones in Japan. Birthstones differ from country to country. Let’s find your birthstone to improve luck for dream come true
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5 guides for Angel Cards beginners

“Angel card” is the card that you can receive massage from God and Angel. You pick up a card from consist of dozens of cards.

5 charms for healing your tired heart

Some person can raise his spirits in the adverse circumstances, but many people cannot do so. Take a break, and try to relax your mind with the following charms.
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7 methods for better fortune by spiritual

Many women may live a busy life far from fashionable ones. I tell 7 spiritual methods to regain yourself easily and with a light heart.
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7 methods for your better life to control your destiny

Can you control your destiny? What will wait for you if you can control it by yourself? Today I tell 7 methods for your better life to control your destiny.

7 ways to remove stress by healing heart

We Japanese are earnest and well-organized, but too much of them cause stresses. So, here are 7 ways to get rid of stress by healing heart everyday.
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9 ways to resolve your worries with Zen tarrot

Do you know “Zen tarrot”? Unlike commonly known tarrot, this is the oriental tarrot. This can be a tool to know the feeling deep inside your heart.
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7 to attract happines with your sensibility

Do you find small happiness? You need to whet your sensibility. You begin to get conscious of doing it and why not collect small happiness?
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9 Speedy good luck art by natural stone

Do you have natural stone? They are beautiful so only with it you can enjoy. But to be with it better, you can have better luck. Why don’t you review now?
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Change tomorrow! 9 methods of attraction

We have various attractions on relations, feelings, money and work every day. What you want becomes the reality. Today I tell "9 methods of attraction on your wish."
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9 biorhythms of fortune with destiny number

With destiny numbers, you can know personality and behavior of people through numerology. Here are easy ways to tell fortune with destiny number and numerology.
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7 methods to be happy by subconsciousness

Are you using your subconsciousness to good advantage? It can warn you danger in advance and tell you your true desire, and improve your self-consciousness.
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