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Get good luck with the right Crystal bracelet for you!

When you choose the stone you wear, it is the Crystal that is good for beginners. I tell you about the charm of the Crystal bracelet and dealing with it correctly.
Good luck surgery

9 reasons why spreading good luck images is meaningless

Do you know “good luck images or standby display”? Not everybody can be happy with these. Here are my opinions why spreading these images are meaningless.
Good luck surgery

Do you believe good luck images? 7 surprises of placebo

Do you know “placebo effect”? If your brain believes something is real, it causes the effect to your body as well. Here is more about placebo using good luck images.
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9 ways to resolve your worries with Zen tarrot

Do you know “Zen tarrot”? Unlike commonly known tarrot, this is the oriental tarrot. This can be a tool to know the feeling deep inside your heart.
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9 ways for good luck and get together with healing stones

Do you have healing stones? Which one do you have? You can have more effect of good luck by treating them properly. Why don’t you think about them once again?
Good luck surgery

How to use angel pictures to get a lucky break

Angels help you heal your heart. Then how can you use angel pictures to get their support? Let's think about how to connect you with angels.
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