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Get good luck with the right Crystal bracelet for you!

It is said that a power stone causes good luck. Recently do you not see often the person who wears the bracelet of the natural stones such as beads? When yo...
Good luck surgery

9 reasons why spreading good luck images is meaningless

Do you know “good luck images” or “good luck standby display”? They are pictures of celestial things or good luck symbols like a 4-leaf clover, which are es...
Good luck surgery

Do you believe good luck images? 7 surprises of placebo

Do you know “placebo effect”? It is by believing fake medicine as a true medicine, you can experience actual effect. The opposite of placebo effect is “noce...
Tarot Angel Oracle Cards

9 ways to resolve your worries with Zen tarrot

Do you know “Zen tarrot”? Unlike commonly known tarrot, this is the oriental tarrot. It is like differences between western and Japanese. This can be a tool...
About Power Stone

9 ways for good luck and get together with healing stones

Do you have healing stones? What kind of them do you have? Citrine for luck in money? Or gold rutile? Maybe a roze quartz for love? Shiny healing stones ...
Good luck surgery

How to use angel pictures to get a lucky break

Do you have a problem? Do you have a dream? Is your mind peaceful? When you have problems or bothering matters, your mind gets stormy. At such times, angel ...
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