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A Fickle Flower? Hydrangea Real Meanings

Japan enters its rainy season in June starting from the Western half of the country. The rainy season is really humid, making you feel blue. During such ...
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The 7 Meanings You should know about Hydrangea

The hydrangea blooms around June to July during the rainy season. It is really beautiful to see it blooming without losing to the rain. In the language of f...
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Hydrangea Meanings. Choose the Right Color for a Gift

When the rainy season arrives, one flower shines like a jewel. That is the hydrangea. Nowadays, more and more people are giving it as a present because of its b...
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Hydrangea’s 7 Positive and Negative Meanings

Hydrangeas bloom really nicely from June to July in the rainy season. Seeing a blue or pink hydrangea is really relaxing. It is actually nice to walk around...
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