7 makeups for a wish “I want to be pretty”

7 make-up lessons to make your wish “I want to be pretty” come trueEven if you were devoted to sports and getting tan in school days, you wish to be cute as you start putting make-ups on.

Boys around you might say “you are not that kind of a character”. What a rude comments. You are a girl, and it is natural to wish to be cute, even if your only strength is cheerful.

Make them surprise by becoming dramatically pretty! You can change hairs and gestures, but the fastest ways is to change make-ups. You can be pretty and different from what you were an hour ago.

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7 efforts for wish “I want to be pretty”

7 efforts to change: Must-read for those “I want to be pretty”Beautiful skin, big eyes, good figure…pretty people have all of these. If you think you want to be pretty, what usually come to your mind is to put make-up on, put false eye lashes, wear colored contact lens, put on cute clothes, and so on. If you go to famous hairdresser, you can change instantly.

However, each person has different allurement. You can be pretty without big eyes. I will introduce is not the way you can change immediately, but ways to learn what pretty people are naturally doing. Here are 7 efforts for those who want to be fundamentally pretty.

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