Good luck surgery

9 reasons why spreading good luck images is meaningless

Do you know “good luck images” or “good luck standby display”? They are pictures of celestial things or good luck symbols like a 4-leaf clover, which are es...
Good luck surgery

Do you believe good luck images? 7 surprises of placebo

Do you know “placebo effect”? It is by believing fake medicine as a true medicine, you can experience actual effect. The opposite of placebo effect is “noce...
How guidance of fortune

7 successful stories of good luck images

Smartphone and cells are indispensable today. Because of them, everyone has their own image on their screen, which you can customize as you like. It doesn't nee...
How guidance of fortune

9 ways to choose good luck images to lead miracle

Everybody hopes to live a happy life. However, happiness depends on each person. Someone thinks he looks extremely happy. In fact, he has his own big trouble...
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