Good luck surgery

9 reasons why spreading good luck images is meaningless

Do you know “good luck images or standby display”? Not everybody can be happy with these. Here are my opinions why spreading these images are meaningless.
Good luck surgery

Do you believe good luck images? 7 surprises of placebo

Do you know “placebo effect”? If your brain believes something is real, it causes the effect to your body as well. Here is more about placebo using good luck images.
How guidance of fortune

7 successful stories of good luck images

Smartphone and cells are indispensable today. Everyone has their own image on their screen, which you can customize. Let's learn about famous good luck images.
How guidance of fortune

9 ways to choose good luck images to lead miracle

What should we do until we get good luck? What’s in your mind hearing awaiting luck? I’ll give tips for awaiting luck and 9 awaiting luck ways lead to miracle.
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