How to raise a fortune

9 ways to remove stresses with affirmation

Frustrated everyday? It’s not good both mentally and physically. Tell yourself happy words and make days brighter. Here are how to remove stresses with affirmation.
How to use the subconscious

9 ways to make days bright with inspiration

Inspiration sounds important only for artists, but small findings and twists also come from inspiration. Here are 9 ways to use inspiration and live bright days.
For inspiration and sensory

9 methods for good luck by inspiration

Do you know the word of inspiration? There are sixth sense and intuition in similar words. Today I tell 9 methods to attract good luck with inspiration refined.

7 ways to be healthy body by healing heart

Do you have healing heart? Are you confident about your health? You will get unhealthy by stress regardless of ages. I’ll tell you ways to heal heart and be healthy.
Personality and divination

6 ways to develop a potential with talent

What is your talent? Many of you are not aware of your potential or hidden talent yet. Here are “6 ways to develop a potential”.
About Power Stone

Types of healing crystal and their effects.

Most people think each healing crystal has a particular implication. Today, I'll tell you about types of healing crystal and their effects.
For meditation and spiritual unity

What is spiritual? Explore from 7 aspects.

The word "spiritual" can be called general word now, and many people find it familiar. Today, I'll define it from 7 aspects.
Law of happiness

5 uses for color therapy to make life happy

Color therapy knowledge is useful to relax or to get in condition in the daily life. Today, I'll tell you some simple uses for color therapy.
Good luck surgery

Change tomorrow! 9 methods of attraction

We have various attractions on relations, feelings, money and work every day. What you want becomes the reality. Today I tell "9 methods of attraction on your wish."
Dream divination, dream diagnosis

Remove delusion and concentrate in 7 steps

With having many things you need to do, feel uneasy about or worry about, you can’t concentrate. Today I will tell you ways to remove delusion and concentrate.
For inspiration and sensory

The important to change life by inspiration

Inspiration can be improved as your senses become sharper. Cultivate your sixth sense, inspiration, or the first impression to select the right way of your life.
Law of happiness

What you can’t react to negative thoughts

In the daily life, various things influence us. Negative thoughts are especially contagious, but you should not react to them as much as possible.
Law of happiness

7 steps to encourage yourself by affirmation

Do you know affirmation? It means "affirming oneself". The most effective affirmation is to say gratitude or positive words to oneself, feeling emotions and senses.
Personality and blood type

7 ways to cope with blood type B people

Do you know someone with blood type B? Some people think that they are hard to deal with. But let’s learn about blood type B personality to get along with them.
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