Law of happiness

You come to want passionate love by “Iris meaning”

Iris is known as "Ayame" by Japanese is meaning "rainbow" in greece. The first characteristic of The iris has dignified appearance by at one of them. It...
How love goes well

7 reason why meaning of Iris matches long-distance love

Ayame is a flower that has been very much loved for a long time in Japan. Even a friend of the Iridaceae iris genus from Japan includes Ayame, Kakitubata, ...
How guidance of fortune

Iris meanings for our good life.

Iris begins to bloom from chilly about February, The heyday around the Golden Week of May it full bloom wonderfully. It just falls on the season for out...
How love goes well

Language of flowers – iris: 7 ways to write great cards

There is a famous Greek myth of iris flower. Even though Zeus was courting a beautiful servant Iris, she wanted to refuse it, so she asked his wife Hera to ...
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