Iris meanings for our good life.

Iris meanings for our good life.

Iris begins to bloom from chilly about February,
The heyday around the Golden Week of May it full bloom wonderfully.

It just falls on the season for outings and is most suitable to go for forest bathing.

“Which iris or rabbit-ear iris” is Jpanese old expression.
“blood Iris””Rabbitear Iris””Japanese Iris” has similar figure.
It`s difficult to distinguish.

I distinction about them are beautiful appearance.
A difference seems to understand that I look at the part of the basis of the petal.

I distinguish it roughly,It is a Rabbitear Iris that the place of the basis of the petal is yellow,
basis of the petal is white is Japanese Iris, basis of the petal is design of the halftone plate form is Iris.

Maybe, iris meaning refined flower language.

Today, we find out our good life by check iris meaning out.
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7 reason why meaning of Iris matches long-distance love

7 reason why meaning of Iris matches long-distance love

Ayame is a flower that has been very much loved for a long time in Japan.
Even a friend of the Iridaceae iris genus from Japan includes Ayame, Kakitubata, Hanasyohbu.
All are said to be “which Ayame or Kakitubata” as an example of the splendid thing.

Ayame is called Iris at Western countries.
I’ll introduce the myth related to Iris.

Iris was a lady’s maid of wife Hera of King Zeus of gods.
Since Iris was troubled been courting many times to Zeus, she was asked to be “I want to go to far away” to Hera.
Hera put the necklace brilliant in the seven colors on a neck of Iris.
And when Hera sprinkles liquor of God on Iris, she became the figure of the rainbow.
It’s said that a flower of Iris bloomed from a drop of the liquor which has spilled over the ground.

Iris in Greek mythology, she seems to have served as a messenger of the gods.
From this fact, the meaning of flowers as “good news” was born in Iris.
I introduce the reason why flower meaning of Iris matches long-distance love this time.
A pretty flower of Iris will become a wonderful messenger.
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You come to want passionate love by “Iris meaning”

You come to want passionate love by "Iris meaning"

Iris is known as “Ayame” by Japanese is meaning “rainbow” in greece.

The first characteristic of The iris has dignified appearance by at one of them.
It is said that it was named by the name of the goddess of the ancient Greece.

And furthermore, Cleary delicate fragrance brings out the beauty of the iris.

Refreshing fragrance lets us feel the taste of Japan is easy to be familiar Japanese.
Famous perfume made the ukiyoe print “Ayame” a motif.

Fascinating flower Iris has many useful flower language when someone fall in love.

You know profundity of the lovery iris by knowing Language of flowers.

Let`s check Iris meaning out!
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Language of flowers – iris: 7 ways to write great cards

Language of flowers – iris: 7 ways to write great cards

There is a famous Greek myth of iris flower. Even though Zeus was courting a beautiful servant Iris, she wanted to refuse it, so she asked his wife Hera to change her into rainbow. Then, she was wearing a seven-coloured necklace and was splashed with alcohol of God.

The flower got its name from the Greek word for rainbow.

You may be happy when you found rainbows after a thunderstorm. However, they disappear soon and it is hard to find them.

Rainbows are like a symbol of hope. Do you like to know what language of flowers iris flower has? Do you like to learn how to make great cards using language of iris?

Here are some ways to write cards with language of iris flowers.
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