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Orchid meaning is “happiness flies to you!” Elegant appeals

Orchids have various shapes and often used for flower arrangement. Phalaenopsises mean “Happiness” and “pure love”. It’s about their meanings and elegant appeals.
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7 meanings of roses for good relationship with partner

Roses, the symbol of the love and beauty god, are the best beautiful gifts of love. I’ll tell ways to keep the good relationship with your partner by their meanings.
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7 romantic ways to propose using language of red roses

You must feel romantic when you get roses from your boyfriend. Here are 7 romantic ways to propose using language of red roses.
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7ways How to Write Letter with Monstera floriography

Monster is symbol of hope or fortune in Hawaii. It has good floral languages for writing letter. Let’s write a letter with the montera floral languages.
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7 reasons of queen of night flower support confession

Have you seen floral art of the queen of the night flower? I introduce 7 reasons why flower language of the queen of the night flower supports confession this time.
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7reasons language of Phalaenopsis is popular as a gift

Phalaenopsis has grace and looks gorgeous, so it is a popular flower as a gift. I introduce the secret of popularity like its floriography or its history.
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5 reasons why language of white clovers is a bit scary

“Revenge” is one of language of White clovers. You must be surprised at this unexpected word. But do you know why they have this word? Here are 5 reasons.
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7 reasons why stocks are suitable for a wedding bouquet

It is a good idea to choose flowers for a wedding bouquet by language of flowers. This article will introduce you stock, which is suitable for weddings.
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7 key points about the peony flower and how to grow it

“Standing style is as peony, sitting as moutan, and walking style is as lily.” Speaking of peony, many people may come to mind this.Today you will learn about it.
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7reasons Monstera Floriography Has Good Effect on Home

Monstera is often said to be good in feng shui. I introduce reasons why its floral language has good effect on a home. Let’s grow monstera brings good luck.
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7 selections matching for the bougainvillea flower

The bougainvillea is a plant native to Brazil. The flower is "passion," "you are attractive," and "I can see you only." I assort 7 presents matching for them here.
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7 selections of the gift matching for the violet flower

Many stories concerning flowers remain in the Greek mythology. The pretty violet flower is affected by it. Choose the good presents with the romantic flowers added.
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7 arts choosing lily flower words and good presents

Lily flowers express elegance. A flower has the existence, good for the present. Arts not to fail in choosing flowers with words including ceremonial occasions.
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7 reasons to make good results about love with statice

Statice is used for a bouquet. Purple, pink and yellow is popular as dried flower because colors remain. You get love with the flower language and confess.
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7 reasons why language of the holly support your future

Holly reminds you of green leaves with throngs. It is famous as charms and flower language has the power to lead you. You have 7 reasons to cheer you up this time.
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9 sakura meanings to enjoy sakura viewing

In spring, everyone look forward to sakura and cherry blossom viewing. This time, let's explore sakura from the point of view of its meanings.
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7 messages with the meanings of daisy

The meanings of daisy are innocence, beauty, purity, clearness, peace, hope and ¨same as your feelings¨. Now let's think how to send a message with the daisy flower.
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