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The seven ways to tell your love with viola meaning

You can see violas in the town or yard in warm season. Viola has seven languages of flowers meaning love. Let’s declare of love for your lovers with them.
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7 reasons why cattleya is good to a decoration of dress

Catteleya is beautiful, often planted, and the Queen of Orchard. Gorgeousness, high-class, and words of flower are suitable for the full dress. Here are the reasons.
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Language of flowers – iris: 7 ways to write great cards

There is a famous Greek myth of iris flower. The flower got its name from the Greek word for rainbow. This article will show how to use language of flower on cards.
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Language of flowers – holly : Let’s enjoy Setsubun

Holly is a bush with leaves with sharp points. It is used in Setsubun. Let’s learn language of holly and enjoy the festival.
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7 Meanings of daisy and the suitable gifts

Daisy is called Hinagiku in Japan. I'm gonna introduce some examples of the meaning of daisy and some suitable gifts for your important person.
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7 to move your partner with sunflower meaning

The summer will remind you of a “sunflower.” Many sunflower meanings are very wonderful. Will you give a present to surprise your partner? I tell 7 methods for it.

7 to heal your heartbreak by violet meaning

A violet is 菫 in a kanji. The violet meaning is "little love," "little happiness," "purity," and “sincerity." It will heal your heartbreak. I tell why it heals it.
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9 lily meanings for the wedding bouquet

Every woman dreams of a wedding. Lily is one of the popular flowers for the wedding bouquet. This time I'll introduce the meanings of lily.
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7 ways to tell your love with tulip meaning

Tulip is a popular flower as a gift. Its basic meaning is ¨love¨. This time I'll introduce you some tips to tell your love with the meaning of tulip.
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7 ways to give lily as a gift with meaning

Lily is often used on the aisle of the wedding because its meaning is much sophisticated than the others. This time I introduce the ways how to give it as a gift.
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