7 secrets hidden in dream interpretation pregnancy

7 secrets hidden in dream interpretation pregnancyWhat kind of your depths psychology may the dream to become pregnant teach by the oneiromancy?

I become pregnant in a dream and convey your various depths psychology by the dream interpretation when the pregranant who became pregnant comes out. I think the dream to become pregnant to be a foresight dream and am pleased and you are surprised and think that the reaction of the lying down and getting up varies, but what write it with the real pregnancy, and keep it away, and it is better to think a dream of the pregnancy is not a foresight dream as an introduction.

Each has a meaning depending on a symbol, a character and the situation in the dream. The dream of the pregnancy to experience a process that you dwell and bring up life in a dream reads dream interpretation. I think that it is a chance to know the present situation of your own.

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Dream interpretation! 7 meanings about the “pregnancy”

Dream interpretation! 7 meanings about the “pregnancy" It is the pregnancy that is the very mysterious phenomenon saying as “Another life dwells in a body.” It is said that many people has had simulated experience of the pregnancy with having the dream while they sleep even if they have not become pregnant in the reality world. It is mysterious that even the man who cannot biologically become pregnant often has this dream.

In the world of the dream interpretation the pregnancies is often a symbol of the “new start” or the “prosperity,” but the meaning will change depending on what kind of feelings you hold for such a matter as the pregnancy or the delivery. What the fetus dwelled in your stomach in the dream will suggest on earth? I will investigate the meaning from 7 perspectives.

Dream interpretation! 7 meanings about the “pregnancy”


Flowering of the potential capacity

The dream that you become pregnant in the dream interpretation is thought as the presage that your ability will arise from sleeping. In particular if you are a man, this dream may suggest that good luck comes to you.

The new ideas may come into your head in sequence or you may get better results in work in the same way as a new life is brought up in a stomach little by little because the pregnancy is a symbol of the birth or the crop of a new life


Anxiety of being recognized

The dream that you doubt whether you become pregnant or have the examination may sometimes express the uneasiness regarding the evaluation by another person and your value. Now do you lose your confidence for your ability a little saying as whether you can carry out the performance commensurate with the treatment in work or whether you actually deserve a given role and reward?

Generally it is natural that people want to follow the person in relief who are full of confidence in his attitude. You should .just superficially hold your head up high.


Feelings towards the pregnancy in the reality world

In the case that you have uneasiness and fear for the pregnancy and the delivery, or could not put a reliable contraception into practice though you do not want to become pregnant, the dream that you become pregnant often appears as one formalized when you are obsessed with the uneasiness

On the contrary, in the case that you are actually pregnant, or you look forward to having a child, you frequently have the dream of pregnancy. It is said that the pregnant woman who has dreamed of the pregnancy and the delivery while sleeping is likely to have an easy delivery in the reality world.


Feelings towards the dream you abandoned

You who “dreamed of the pregnancy for some reason though I had not thought about the pregnancy at all” might have recently abandoned the dream that you valued with some kind of circumstances. The baby who grows in the uterus protected with the thick wall is a symbol of the thought that you value. When you intend to have no illusion about it with the reason flatly but the strong thought for it still remains somewhere of your heart, it sometimes appears as the dream of the pregnancy.

In addition, in the case that you take a direction turn with a will of your own though you have some dream, the change of the feeling sometimes appears as the dream of the abortion or the miscarriage.


Change of the lifestyle

As for you who “had the dream that I was puzzled a little by having become pregnant,” does your lifestyle have changed recently or do you think about operating some change expected any day? The pregnancy sometimes means that you abandon the freedom of flesh and spirit which you have been enjoying and is the matter that has such a significant impact as makes a 180 degree turn in the life of a woman.

If you had uneasiness in a dream, you may be unconsciously distressed by whether the changes caused by you is the right choice.


The desire that you express something and want to bring about

In a dream the important idea that you keep appears as the formalized one of a baby in the stomach. You who dreamed of the pregnancy that is a symbol of the productivity might increase the desire of putting some creative thing into action?

It is not necessarily difficult art but acceptably trifling things such as the update of your blog or the decorations of your house. If you try to freely express the ideas and the inspiration in your head, you might get something good.


Secret confession

Now you may accumulate what you cannot say though you want to say all the time in your stomach. It might be your feeling to the person you love, the confession of crime that you have been in a secret or the confession that you have decided though it is hard to say your partner or your friends.

If you give birth in your dream, or you are now about to give birth, you may decide to confess what you think in the near future. On the contrary, you will keep your thought a secret for a while if it is still a small fetus.


How about things mentioned above?

In this way, the interpretation is completely different depending on what kind of feeling you have about your having become pregnant, but the fetus who dwells in your body in the dream expresses “thought you continue to hold in your inside” “symptom of new beginning” in most cases.

Since the ideas and goals born at the time you had the dream tend to often become more fruitful, please bring a baby in your stomach up carefully and slowly with a feeling of love.



Dream interpretation! 7 meanings about the “pregnancy”

• Flowering of the potential capacity
• Anxiety of being recognized
• Feelings towards the pregnancy in the reality world
• Feelings towards the dream you abandoned
• Change of the lifestyle
• The desire that you express something and want to bring about
• Secret confession

Dream of Pregnancy Implies Good Luck! 7 fates Waits You

Dream of Pregnancy Implies Good Luck! 7fates Waits You

A dream of pregnancy implies achievements and good luck. It rarely means you would get pregnant. Some men have a dream of pregnancy. For men it would be strange experience. Woman tend to have a dream like that when they eager to have a baby or don’t want to have a baby. I’ll introduce a dream which is different from typical one. So check your dream carefully.

If you had a dream of pregnancy, you would get a good luck. You are full of creativity. It is the right time to try new challenge for your goal. It means you are ready to succeed. And you already have the ability to get a good luck. It is wonderful, isn’t it? I will introduce 7 fates that people have a dream of pregnancy would have.

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7 to be beware having dream of pregnancy

7 stuff you must be beware having dream of pregnancyIt is said that dream links to human’s mentality and reflect your spiritual condition like a mirror. That is why people think carefully when they had impressed dream. So today, I introduce you what the true meaning of dream of pregnancy. Having another life inside the body is very precious and important for human’s life, even if it was a dream, so everyone really want to know what that dream true meaning is. But it has hardly ever been foreseeing dream, so you do not get pregnant even though you had a dream, you got one. You may often have this dream when you really desire to get a pregnant or completely opposite wish. I am going to show you 7 cautious stuffs you have to be careful when you had a dream you got pregnant. [Read more…]

5 realistic dreams often seen in pregnancy

5 realistic dreams often seen in pregnancy period!? Ordinarily, we can hardly forget an impressive dream we had, and it often happens to especiallywomen who are pregnant because of the effect of hormone and women’s anxiety.
What they had dream is “oddly realistic”, and I heard many women had a strange dream like a prophetic one during pregnancy. It is said that pregnant women have mysterious unknown power, so is this related to?
Today, I am going to introduce expectant mother’s supernatural dreams.

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