How to use the subconscious

9 ways to make days bright with inspiration

Inspiration sounds important only for artists, but small findings and twists also come from inspiration. Here are 9 ways to use inspiration and live bright days.
How to use the subconscious

9 ways to be what you want to be by affirmation

Do you know “affirmation”? It is a “profession to yourself”. For example, if you believe you would recover from illness, your mind changes and it will become true.

7 ways to be healthy body by healing heart

Do you have healing heart? Are you confident about your health? You will get unhealthy by stress regardless of ages. I’ll tell you ways to heal heart and be healthy.
About Power Stone

Types of healing crystal and their effects.

Most people think each healing crystal has a particular implication. Today, I'll tell you about types of healing crystal and their effects.
How guidance of fortune

7 ways change your fortune by potential

Potential is fully activating behind your consciousness. It is doing more than our subconscious. Here are 7 ways to draw out your potential and change your fortune.
For meditation and spiritual unity

What is spiritual? Explore from 7 aspects.

The word "spiritual" can be called general word now, and many people find it familiar. Today, I'll define it from 7 aspects.
Law of happiness

5 uses for color therapy to make life happy

Color therapy knowledge is useful to relax or to get in condition in the daily life. Today, I'll tell you some simple uses for color therapy.
Law of happiness

7 methods to be happy by subconsciousness

Are you using your subconsciousness to good advantage? It can warn you danger in advance and tell you your true desire, and improve your self-consciousness.
For inspiration and sensory

The important to change life by inspiration

Inspiration can be improved as your senses become sharper. Cultivate your sixth sense, inspiration, or the first impression to select the right way of your life.
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