7 steps: dream comes true by new moon

7 steps: dream comes true by new moon
Did you know that charm under new moon is effective? If you wish something, you do your best for that goal. Besides your effort, you can ask for powers of moon, stars, trees, plants, rocks and other invisible power of nature to make your dream really comes true. Today, I will teach you 7 steps to give a charm on a night of new moon, which is the beginning of phases of the moon.

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Easy 9 ways to use autosuggestion

Easy ways to use autosuggestion, 9 ways to forget bad things

When we are facing difficulties and feel pain, we likely to think “nothing good will happen”, “it is my fault”, “what should I do now” etc. We regret and sink deep in depression.
You shouldn’t endure your feelings, but you also need to find out a way to find light and move forward.

By seeking a new way, you can often find new ideas and pathways you have never thought of, and have brighter future. However, sometimes you are too depressed to think positively. If so, give “autosuggestion” to yourself and try to step forward.

Hypnogenesis and autosuggestion are used for treatment of psychosomatic disorder. If you have a will to step toward better direction, and have positive purposes, autosuggestion is always by your side.

Many people might have questions of how you can autosuggest, or whether it is possible for untrained person.

Autosuggestion is nothing special, it is just a way to “encourage yourself”. Of course, you should see specialized doctor or therapist you can rely on for treatment with complicated techniques, such as deep hypnogenesis and previous life treatment. However autosuggestion is what you can do by yourself and you don’t need to worry. By giving autosuggestions, we can inspire our “potential” and can be conscious to control ourselves.

Here are how to autosuggest.

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7 ways change your fortune by potential

7 ways to draw out potential and change your fortune

Potential is what is activating behind our consciousness. It is working more than our subconscious, which affects our behavior and mind.You may have dreamed of drawing out and using your potential more effectively, haven’t you?

So today, I will tell you 7 ways to draw out your potential and change your fortune.

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