The fasting tips are wrong? The point you should review

The fasting tips are wrong The point you should reviewFasting tip is very effective to change a disturbed lifestyle. It is easy for the modern people to eat too much offering the rich eating habits, and the function of digestion excretory organs works quite a long time, which is apt to decrease. They put a burden on the internal organs for it, and obesity, fatty liver and diabetes result in various disorder.

Therefore at first it is necessary to cut off a custom to modify overeating. Cut off the vice of the meal, and the fast to cut off food for a certain period of time as an opportunity to make it a practice of the appropriate eating habits is very effective.

In addition, every physical disorder is improved, and a body is tightened, and a heart is relaxed, and the brain is clear, too. Get rest during sleep well, and the lying down and getting up improves, too.

In late years such attractive fasting increases, but there seems to be much wrong fasted. Not only the wrong way of fasting causes a rebound, but also it is very dangerous.

I introduce the point that you should review of the fasting tips this time.

The fasting tips are wrong? The point you should review


The fasting warm bath prohibits it strictly

The odor from a body in particular is strong and stinking, but I soak and do not fall out to the underwear which I wear when I do not take a bath all day long during fasting. It is cold bath to be recommended during such fasting.

Even a water shower is good, but the body fasting in cold bath becomes more comfortable. In addition, the cold bath enhances a metabolism function of the skin and can expect the fair skin effect, too. The cold bath should be in the aim in around one minute. One entering frequently is effective if possible.
In addition, you take the warm bath during fasting, but the act, in fact, is dangerous at all. As for anemia being caused, and there is a possibility of falling down in a bathtub. Taking a warm bath requires attention so far. Prevent you from certainly taking a warm bath during fasting.


Normal feeling for the meal is necessary during fasting

Do you review a fasting mental condition? There may be the person who thinks “I do not care a fasting mental condition.”

You may be seized by the impulse that you want to eat in response to the state of things very hard when you smell the food even if not actually hungry because stomach shrinks during fasting. The reaction for the meal after fasting grows in particular big in “wanting to eat this and that”, and thinking “to go to eat ○○ if you usually return to a meal” that you are fasting.

It is not an exaggeration how you direct a fasting mental condition even if you say that failure is decided on the success of fasting. The key of fasting success depend on how you can have calm feeling during fasting.


Let’s make irrigation of the colon during fasting once a day

You think that there seems to be much, but irrigation of the colon is essential to the fasting.

The irrigation of the colon is troublesome, but is necessary to let fasting succeed. Not only you wash the bowels, but also am supplied the water, and a fasting body becomes very comfortable. Particularly, prevent the bowels from being close together by irrigation of the colon and play a very important role.

As matters that require attention, the Western pharmaceutical laxative will avoid it. Sui mug and a mil mug are ideal. We do not have to worry about the side effect as for these in a crude drug (carry bake). “The Malin mug” which Sui sconce into a granule form is recommended. It is much easier to drink in comparison with Sui mug.


Let’s take a walk during fasting

It is felt troublesome that you move a body during a hard fasting, and stay in the room all day, and there seems to be nothing heard after the fact. Because you come to feel heavy, you are sloppy and apt to often spend a day during fasting. It is a walk to be recommended in such a case. It is ideal to walk in the clean place of the air every day for around one hour in the cool time of morning and evening. Stand up straight; and it prevents slowly during the daytime. Discomfort adds to moving a body during fasting adversely, and a body becomes even more fatigable.

Let’s bring drinking water during a walk by all means. The water deficit is strict prohibition. In addition, take the point into account during fasting because a restroom is near.


Rice gruel of the unpolished rice is recommended as recovery food.

After fasting, you must not go back up for the meal of the street all the time immediately. You usually return it to a meal in the reaction of fasting suddenly, and you are full, and when you eat, you can be led to a rebound. In addition, you are surprised by eating food and take the rest by fasting suddenly and feel a pain and adversely affect alimentary system. Because they drink water during fasting and do not lend it, most of you are not active.

What you eat becomes a burden on stomach little by little and adjust it to go back to the normal state. It is rice gruel to be most suitable for recovery food, but the ideal is rice gruel of the unpolished rice. Because the rice gruel is kind to stomach, and the nutritive value is high in the unpolished rice, the unpolished rice porridge is more effective in the fasting of the diet purpose.


The hydration will make 2 liters or more an aim

It is supply of the water to have to be careful during fasting. Though you consume it, as for the water, there seems to be much that is not grasped well how much liter you should drink. Human beings usually supply water from a meal, but it is necessary to consume a lot of water in order to avoid a dehydration state consciously because you do not eat during fasting.

The aim of the fasting fluid volume necessary per day is said to be at least 2 liters. The fluid volume to usually consume per day is 2-2.5 liters, but the quantity of drinking really remains at approximately 1 liter, and higher than half are fluid volumes included in the food. During fasting, even a daily minimum will be drink water more than 2 liters.


Wanting to sleep during fasting; let’s sleep

For first 2-3 days of fasting, indiscriminate drowsiness attacks you. When it is the fourth day, a head is clear adversely, and there seems to be much which cannot be idle. Only brain came to be activated and does not seem to be able to sleep.

There is the person who is going to sleep in such a case forcibly, but is NG. Though you are not sleepy, let’s stop lying. The body, on the contrary, discomfort increases, and is fasting by going to sleep forcibly though you are not sleepy.

During fasting, it is the first to sleep if you want to sleep.

Separately from it, a head is absentminded and the concentration becomes loose and becomes easy to only fire the mistakes that you cannot usually do. Because the driving of the car in this state is very critical, you will wait during fasting.


How do you feel about them? As for fasting, a dietary modification is a purpose to the last. Because we may endanger life when you fast in a diet purpose excessively, let’s perform it carefully.

You understand the feeling that you want to cut down on the weight early, but it is an important point not to overdo it too much.
The diet not to completely eat even if you would feel the stress and the diet is accompanied by the danger above all. You raise knowledge enough before fasting and must perform it by self-responsibility. In addition, let’s perform the long-term fasting more than three days while receiving the instruction of the person with the technical knowledge in facilities specializing in a fast.



The fasting tips are wrong? The point you should review

・ The fasting warm bath prohibits it strictly
・ Normal feeling for the meal is necessary during a fast
・ Let’s make irrigation of the colon during fasting once a day
・ Let’s take a walk during a fast
・ Rice gruel of the unpolished rice is recommended to recovery food
・ The hydration will make 2 liters or more an aim
・ Wanting to sleep during a fast; let’s sleep

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