7 arts of beginner’s class DIY ☆ railroad tie gardening

7 arts of beginner's class DIY ☆ railroad tie gardeningIt begins from the place what you mean by DIY … one body which should go to the home centers, and sees it, and is taken away to TV or a magazine very much.

A people’s social campaign to revive a town destroyed in London that received the air raid of the German military, World War II to date back in postwar period by their hands begins in the U.K. and “Do it yourself” be filled up as a slogan and opens for short with DIY.

It struck from Europe to the United States and Japan from a head in 1970, and home centers have begun to open.

You can finish it cheaply because you can make the thing which you like it and look good with place, yourself whom a vast amount of money depends on if it has you make it, but the danger of uneasiness and the defect may be accompanied because there is the aspect that is minus, and the amateur who is not a specialized field makes.

There were many fathers who can do Sunday carpentry in old days, but the word DIY is spread, and there is a sense of accomplishment and a sense of fulfillment if you can make it smartly, and it has been liked recently.

What you do by decisively your power than you hold and it is hard to tell it to the supplier including the careful order dissatisfaction is wonderful, and then let’s move to 7 stories that you want to be careful about by railroad tie gardening in DIY from now on.

 7 arts of beginner’s class DIY ☆ railroad tie gardening


Let’s be careful about a leak of the sap

When the sap of the ingredient of the tree gets wet with water for four months, after the purchase, it may bleed a lot. (red system, brown system, black system, yellow) the red gum has dark color, and attention is in particular necessary because there is much quantity.

If sap in the wood falls by rain, the leak of the sap disappears, but hang down below and it may pollute the concrete sides.

You dilute a commercial chlorine-based bleach if you become dirty and hang it in the dirt side, and please wash in water with brushes. The work, please be careful near the article which is hard to drop the sap including the car.


Let’s be careful about the shrinkage of the wood

Because a new railroad tie is non-drying materials, you may shrink, but there is no problem about the strength side. It should be broken into by work in consideration of shrinking!

Because it is not the shopping that the which you confirm it again before cutting it and leaving with room is the best, and is inexpensive at all because it is good and finishes measuring size and is after and is already late, it is necessary to prepare not to make any failure, and the used railroad tie may be good with such an aspect.


Let’s be careful about a color

Because of natural pure materials; of the color is uneven, and changing color in aging-colored silver gray by direct rays of the sun several months later.

Because you cannot avoid it, it is the tolerance level, but the change of the color caused by the sunburn may come out during storage of the wood partly.

You may be enough for the person thinking that a natural color is smart as it is, but are apt to be disappointed when the unevenness of the color that you want to prepare with a similar color, which you don’t want to be in trouble. The sunburn is a trial not to be able to pass when you avoid it.


Let’s be careful about a wound

There is a wound on the railroad tie to a new article, used goods. A new article is recommended in the used goods worried about a wound, a wound that becoming hollow is what becomes the tolerance level to 50mm in depth and is outstanding about the railroad tie in particular.

The wound is where there is an atmosphere, and taste may be given to, too, but the appearance is not good when you too become hollow, and it causes the catch, and the worry such as injuries comes out, too. You may show few taste for some wounds elsewhere.

Because the soft and smooth railroad tie feels like not being a railroad tie, it is the first to see directly.


Let’s be careful about oil

Because it is used in a role to support the rail of the railroad not to mention a used railroad tie, what a lubricant or oil for the maintenance to maintain a train drip and attach to is often found.

A bad smell peculiar to oil may sometimes leave from the part where you are soaked into. I think whether you are not accompanied even if you touch it about the thing as a new railroad tie will be better, and the one to be worried about soaks not the thing which is just accompanied for a long time, and the color of the tree changes directly, but smelling it may be worried.


Let’s be careful about mold

You must be careful very much at this time. You are worried about mold very much at the time of the rainy season, but smells are not readily even usually produced when you are not careful still more because it is a railroad tie.

It may occur on a part overlapping with wood, but you do not almost attract attention if you wipe it off.

As the durability does not have the problem and uses it, it becomes approximately inconspicuous and should melt into it because a color turns into silver gray.

Because the eatables increases steadily when even food grows once, and it opens, it is necessary to find it at a never early stage.


Let’s be careful about a preservative

It is natural that the tree dies when you have been using it for many years and aches, but, in these days when it has been regarded an appearance as important, the preservative is used, and a preservative is used when you want to use it for a long time! As for the Japanese railroad tie which is used most by rail, a preservative is injected, and but there should not be the preservative if you do it with a railroad tie to use by gardening for big problems. You stop by to a thing to plant, but it is a thing wanting after all you to choose preservative here because it may be a thing to eat by any chance.


How do you feel about them?

I introduced seven points of instructions that were the most all. Because I think whether some poor points come out when you purchase an old thing, it is a hand that use the thing new decisively here. When there are a lot of scary articles when you use it without knowing it, you realize it.

Because you may understand it only after you check it and transform myself into a practical thing unlike a railroad tie to usually see, power with which you enjoy gardening together for many years and ascertains a thing thinks that necessary!

When pine 3-5 years of no processing are prevention of decay processing, life is postponed till 11-12 years. The concrete railroad ties spread, too, and the life is not practical too much for a long time recently as 50 years because construction is difficult because there is weight of several hundred kilos.

After all I want you to challenge it by all means because it is easy to use the tree because gardening to make with your hobby is the best.



7 arts of beginner’s class DIY ☆ railroad tie gardening

・ Let’s be careful about a leak of the sap
・ Let’s be careful about the shrinkage of the wood
・ Let’s be careful about a color
・ Let’s be careful about a wound
・ Let’s be careful about oil
・ Let’s be careful about mold
・ Let’s be careful about a preservative

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