List of things to make your dreams come true

List of things to make your dreams come trueWhat are your wishes? You may wish to improve relationships such as getting close to someone you like. Your wishes might be small or big but you definitely want to realize them. Since ancient times people have accomplished what they wanted by relying on the power of nature.

They haven’t done great things in order to achieve their goals. Small ceremonies in their daily lives were enough. Many charms like these exist in the world.

In this article, I have compiled easy charms you can do on your own in order to make your dreams come true. Now, accomplishing them is all up to your willpower and action.

List of things to make your dreams come true


1. Erase your bad memories using the “Charm of Salt”

This is a charm that uses salt. Write down in a piece of toilet paper unpleasant things you want to erase using a pen. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the paper. Roll up the paper and the salt altogether and burn them.

Flush the ashes down the toilet and erase your bad memories. If you cannot burn them up, simply flush the toilet paper. Never write your wishes. Write only things you detest.


2. Improve your relationships using the “Ribbon Charm”

I suppose there are lots of people worried about their relationships. This charm is perfect for this concern. Prepare a thick ribbon. It can be of any color but white is recommended. Write down the name of the person you want to get close to in the ribbon.

If there is no one, just write your own name. Tie the ribbon to a mechanical pencil or a pen you usually use. Make sure you place the side with the name facing the pen’s surface so that it cannot be seen.

Your relationships will get better as you use this pen. The meaning of this charm is to tie you up with someone or to form bonds with someone in your relationships. Stay always with this as an amulet for better results.


3. Be in love with the person you like using the “Full Moon Charm”

This charm uses the power of the full moon, which is said to grant wishes. Wait until a full moon night and go to the porch or outside where you can see the moon. Put some salt on yourself. Breathe deeply looking at the moon and image you dating the person you like.

Repeat this process every day until the next full moon. The strong power of the full moon will reach your subconscious. This power is so strong that it can bring both good and bad results depending on your thoughts.

The salt will purify your body and mind so that the moon power works for your good. Certainly the person you like will start to love you more and more.


4. Get in touch with the person you like using the “Email Charm”

“When is he/she going to contact me?” This charm is for people who are worried about this. Write “email from (name of the person you like)” in the subject field. Then write “I love (your own name)” in the body. Finally, send the email to yourself.

Now reply to the email that you just received. In the subject field, write “email from (your own name)”. In the body, write “me too”. Put the person you like as the receiver, but do not send it. Just save the email.

You should get a message from the person you like soon. It is said that human’s willpower and electromagnetic waves share similar properties. Your feelings will get to the person you like through the electromagnetic waves emitted by your cellphone.


5. Make a boyfriend using the “Pink Charm”

This charm works the best for singles or for people who don’t have many opportunities to interact with people of the opposite sex. Always wear or carry something pinkish. Do not stop until someone says to you that you are always in pink. Then, try to get some sort of item from your best guy friend.

It can be anything, but make sure to get it from a man. This is because the guy you got something from will introduce your prospective boyfriend.

Pink is a color that increases your chances of having a relationship. Wearing something pink will make others bring love to you. If you never forget to smile, you will surely find a nice partner.


6. Create your destiny using the “Red String Charm”

It is widely believed that you are tied to the person you are going to marry by a red string. Use this charm to get tied to the person you love. Prepare a red string and bind your left little finger. Try to imagine the face of the person you like while staring at the string.

Say the following aloud: “the person who is tied on the other end of the string is (name of the person you like)”. Repeat this process for 3 days. 3 days later, cast the string to the sky saying “this string goes to (name of the person you like)’s place” aloud.

By doing this, you will be tied with the person you love by the destined red string. This charm becomes more powerful by saying it aloud because it incorporates the spirit of words as well.


7. Marry using the powerful “Marriage Charm”.

This charm is very powerful. Even a person who did not have a partner has found and married someone in the twinkling of an eye. Just look for a friend who is going to marry and ask him or her to bring another form of registration of marriage.

This form can be of any region. Fold the form and always carry it in your wallet or bag.

If you stay with it until it gets wrinkled, you will be able to find someone to marry within a year. Happiness is contagious as we can see people sharing it. A good example would be tossing a bouquet of flower in weddings. And the same thing applies to the registration form. So receive a share of happiness by getting it.


How did you like it?

As you saw, there are very simple charms that can be in fact really powerful. What is most important is how strong you wish while you perform the charms.

A strong desire has a strong power that will reach the person you like. Be honest and sincere and nature will give its power to you. Such a gentle and sincere attitude will bring you happiness for sure.



List of things to make your dreams come true

1. Erase your bad memories using the “Charm of Salt”
2. Improve your relationships using the “Ribbon Charm”
3. Be in love with the person you like using the “Full Moon Charm”.
4. Get in touch with the person you like using the “Email Charm”.
5. Make a boyfriend using the “Pink Charm”.
6. Create your destiny using the “Red String Charm”.
7. Marry using the powerful “Marriage Charm”.

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