7 methods to present a gift using the violet flower

7 methods to present a gift using the violet flowerThe small and naive beautiful violet has been loved by people for a long time. Although there are pansies and violas for gardening in the Viola, the beauty of the violets in the field is exceptionally.

The violet is distributed over the world widely in the temperate regions, and it is said that there are 450 kinds and more.

There is the following episode in the Greek mythology. When Zeus, the king in heaven, fell in love with a beautiful woman Io at first sight and enjoyed a love tryst, he changed Io to the figure of female cow because his wife Hera was suspicious of it. He tried to hide her from Hera’s eyes. But Hera identified the sham of Io and the hardship of Io who became the female cow began. It is told that Zeus felt sorry for Io and made the leaves of violets as foods of the female cow. The flower has the beautiful color of Io.

In this way the violet has various episodes from time immemorial and becomes the motif of literatures and pictures.

Today I will tell violet flower and propose the methods to present a gift to an important person. Try to present a spiffy gift placing your thought on little lovely violets.

7 methods to present a gift using the violet flower


By the flower of “sincerity”

The violets have the flower of “sincerity.” They have the atmosphere of modesty in contrast to the roses and the lilies that bloom brilliant flowers.

Since most of them are small and have the muted color such as purple and white, they might lead to the image of sincerity.

You may put your feelings into the sincere image of the violets and present them as a gift. How about making a pressed-flower bookmark or putting them into a frame and presenting them?

“I made the frame of the pressed flowers with a focus on the violets. The flower is “sincerity.” My feelings with the violets.”


By the flower of “modesty”

The violets with the graceful atmosphere have the flower of “modesty.”

They give you an image of a moderately innocent maiden and are the motif that is good to the present to a woman.

You may give your important woman the accessories or fancy goods made in the shape of violets. Recently there are the pretty necklaces and pierced earrings which the pressed flower of the violets is resined and sealed in and they are recommended.

“I will give you the necklace of the violets which is good to your graceful image. The flower is “modesty.””


By the flower of “love”

The flower of the purple violet is “love.”

Queen Marie Antoinette of France and Empress Elizabeth of Austria are famous as the lady who loved violets.

In particular Elizabeth liked candied violets. In the long-established confectionary store DEMEL in Vienna, they sell candied violets packed in the container of the classic design.

If you immerse the violets which you picked up in the garden and the fields in the beaten egg white and dust it with granulated sugar and dry it, you can make your own candied violets in your home.

“The flower of the purple violets is “love.” I will present candied violets affectionately. Please enjoy the fragrance and the sweetness of the violets.”


By the flower of “innocent love”

The flower of the white violet is “innocent love.”

It may be very difficult to be in love innocently when you become an adult.

However, you may be released from troublesome complicated feelings and feel like to be able to recuperate your pure feeling when you look at the pristine and lovely white violets. And it is wonderful to present them to the woman with the innocent loveliness. You may present the potted flowers to your important person.

“I heard that t white violets had the flower of “innocent love.” Looking at the white violet, please do not forget you with the innocent like yourself.”


By the flower of “thoughtful”

The violet has the flower of “thoughtful.” The thoughtful person is the person of prudence who thinks things about deeply.

How about making the cocktail of the fragrance of the violet for such a type of partner? There is the liqueur called Crème de Violette reflecting the image of a fragrance and a color of violets. When you add a lemon juice, sugar, soda to this liqueur and make a shake, you can make the liquor called the violet fizz. It is the refreshing cocktail which brings out the flavor of lemon.

“I heard the flower of the violet was “thoughtful.” I will give the cocktail of the violet, the violet fizz to you who are thoughtful.”


By the flower of “secret love”

There is the variety called “sweet violet” in the violets, and the feature is that the fragrance is good literally.
It is used for a cake and salad as a sweet herb and is prized as a raw material.

The flower of the sweet violet is “secret love.” You entrust your secret feelings with the fragrance of the violet, and how about delivering it? The perfumes of the violet have been released from various perfume brands, and there is from the fragrance of fresh flowers to that of imagining the violets though it is not similar to fresh ones. You should try to smell at them and look for a favorite thing in the store.

“I will give you the perfume of the violet. The flower of the sweet violet is “secret love.” My secret feelings with it.”


By the flower of “small happiness”

The flower of the violet is “small happiness,” too.

There is a phrase “On a mountain path, what beauty did I behold? A humble violet” as a famous phrase of Basho Matsuo.
The pretty figure of the violet may be very fascinating to the eyes of the traveler who walks the mountain path and was tired.

The violet is exactly a small happiness. How about giving an important person pleasure with the teacup patterned with violets?
The cup and saucer patterned with violets is released from the famous earthenware brands.

“I heard the flower of the violet was “small happiness.” May the cup and saucer patterned with violets carry a small happiness to you.”


How about things mentioned above?

The flower of the violets has a lot of messages which should be delivered to an important person. Please present the special gift which you chose with attaching the flower.

Shakespeare has Ophelia’s elder brother say that “hopefully, may the violet grow from the beautifully graceful meat” in “Hamlet.”
The pure beauty of Ophelia who died the tragic death may overlap with the figure of the pretty purple violets.

The moderately pure violets which have been loved by a lot of artists will deliver the message from your heart to the other.



7 methods to present a gift using the violet flower

・ By the flower of “sincerity”
・ By the flower of “modesty”
・ By the flower of “love”
・ By the flower of “innocent love”
・ By the flower of “thoughtful”
・ By the flower of “secret love”
・ By the flower of “small happiness”

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