7 tips to be attractive for those who want a girlfriend

7 tips to be attractive for those who want a girlfriend

Why do you want a girlfriend? Is it because you are lonely while your friends are all in a happy relationship?

Or, are you having a problem of how to approach to someone you like? Anyway, you have to make efforts to get a girlfriend.

Your wish will never come true if you just sit and wait. Maybe you should try to be more attractive. What can you do for it? Here are some basic tips.

7 tips to be attractive for those who want a girlfriend


See yourself in an objective way

See yourself in an objective way. What’s the difference between you and your friend who has a girlfriend? Calmly analyze the appearance and personality as well. Aren’t you little selfish? Can you respect opinions of others?

See yourself from a different point of view, and compare the circumstances and relationships of yours and your friend’s who has a girlfriend. Don’t you have boring days like just going to work and coming home?

Do you have close male and female friends? Do you have a good relationship with your family? You should know yourself first.


Check your appearance

You might not want a woman who judges a book by its cover, but it’s half correct and half wrong. An appearance is one of few options to judge people when they are not close yet.

The first impression is really important, because you can show your personality only when you get close to someone. So, make your appearance as women like. Women hate dirty people.

So you should be clean. If you don’t know what to wear or what kind of hair you should have, ask for a professional advice. You don’t want to try too hard to wear something unsuitable for you. Be fresh in your way.


Do what you have to do

Do you do what you have to do? It’s something you have to do now such as a job for adults and study for students.

If you don’t, women won’t have an interest in you because you don’t look attractive. Men who do very hard what they have to do look very attractive to women.

Even if there is no good consequence, women are attracted by a man who tries something very hard. Therefore, don’t get lazy about what you do.


Have some hobbies

Do you have a hobby? You don’t have time or know what to do? Do you think it’s a waste of time? Hobbies are never meaningless in your life.

It’s one of the very important things to form who you are. If you don’t have any hobby, try looking for one you like. You can expand your world.

It’s even better if you can do it outside the job or study, then you will develop on the inside.


Enlarge the mind

Do you read newspapers? There must be a lot of people who read it only for job hunting. If you don’t have enough time for it, news on TV or the internet will do. Have more interests in things in the world.

It will make you have more interests in a lot of things. Enlarge the mind. Men who don’t have many different points of view look boring to women. Have a larger view and think in a flexible way, then you will be able to be very attractive.


Review your relationship

Do you associate various types of people? If you do only with your family and coworkers, be careful. That means you have very limited relationships and no new meeting.

Try to have wider relationships, and don’t be with the same people all the time, which makes you have a partial point of view.

You can get to know different ways of thinking or feeling by talking to a lot of people. I think this will make you a better person little by little.


Have a sense of self-composure

Don’t be too aggressive just because you want a girlfriend. A man who doesn’t have a sense of self-composure is not attractive. Women can see it. Some men who have a wife or a girlfriend attract other women because they have a sense of self-composure.

Many women are attracted by their relaxed attitude. So be calm and relaxed in front of women to be attractive even if you want a girlfriend.


Did you like this article?

I believe that the basic technique to be an attractive man is not only for women. People who have a wonderful personality are always attractive to everyone.

You can become such a person as well by caring little about a lot of things and changing them one by one. And then a great woman will show up.

People tend to have relationships with people who have the similar personalities. So if you make efforts to become more wonderful person, you will also meet a wonderful person.



7 tips to be attractive for those who want a girlfriend

・See yourself in an objective way
・Check your appearance
・Do what you have to do
・Have some hobbies
・Enlarge the mind
・Review your relationship
・Have a sense of self-composure


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