How to make a lover for wishing that I want to be loved

How to make a lover for wishing that I want to be lovedAlthough we often hear the words “Women who are loved than love are happy” is a word you hear well and, it is no wonder. It is comfortable to be loved than becoming the relationship not to be rewarded or which nothing comes out of even if you love. But do you know the fact that it is more difficult to become the presence to be loved than love?

Although you may think it comfortable to suppose “I want to be loved,” it requires the efforts more than to love. How do you come to be loved? Besides it will change if you become a love. What should you do to be loved? Should you supply him with money? Should you do as you are told?

There is no longer love if you do not understand, and the remaining will become only attached to him. Therefore today I will tell you how to create the relationship properly to love and to be loved, and please use them as a reference.

How to make a lover for wishing that I want to be loved


Begin tolerating the sense of values of your partner

Do you not have “what you cannot permit” of a lover?

Although you have something to dislike the partner does not correct it. It is the difference in the sense of values and it is the evidence that he lives with the different sense of values from you. It is the source of the quarrel and leads to the “personalities are not compatible” as one of the reasons why the couple in love break up each either.

He does not try to understand what you say. It sometimes makes you fall out love with him. You definitively think you are right and your partner is wrong, and finally think “he does not come to understand you” and happen to give up.

There is no way you can understand him because you do not have the same sense of values from the beginning. But you jump to conclusions. At first you should understand the sense of values of your partner and begin to permit it.


Do how to associate with him without expectation too much

You cannot permit only the behavior of your partner. Do you not have such a case?

It is why you have the expectation to him too much.

Do you not think it is to be expected if a lover should be in this way?

You have romantic notions about the loves such as in dramas or in girls’ comics and may feel disappointed about the partner with thinking “a lover is different from what I think about” as compared to them. You may not be able to correspond to the difference between the “ideal” and the “reality.” At first you should understand between man and woman. You should make a response if you understand such things.

The lover is not the accessory to brag to others or does not mean the status raising your worth. It would be impossible to want your favorite lover unless you would become Hikaru Genji.


Love does not grow even if you stay together longer

Some people want to stay together any time because of the couple in love, but you may be getting stressful if you stay together longer. It is no wonder because you have to always keep save your appearances so that the partner will not dislike you.

Even if you contact with him in the way you are, you will save your behaviors unconsciously in many cases in order to prevent from being disliked. If you find he feels frustrated, you should keep time and distance a little.

In that respect, both of you may think you value a little spending time to stay together in the case of long distance relationship. You may not notice the importance if you are much closer to the other. In the case of cohabitation you should provide a private room to get time alone when you have any problem.


Find common hobbies

Many of the people who have the relationship of love seem to have gotten to know in connection with common hobbies. But some people did not. Such people get bothered by a “topic.” If there are a few of topics in common each other, you only listen to the things that the partner talks in a unilateral way properly giving back-channel feedback.

As if you throw the ball back and forth, it is said that the conversation is that of words. It is important that you talk back if you are talked something.

Therefore it becomes important to have a common hobby. The hobby is different from an “enrichment lesson” but such things as “moviegoing” or “favorite music” are acceptable. “Do you watch any movie?” Only the thing becomes a topic.


Maintain your partner’s self-respect

There is the man saying “I was not depended on by you very much” in the couples who break up, and it means that he wanted to gratify his pride such as “I am depended on. It is cool.” The real meaning is “I want to break up for the dissatisfaction because you did not gratify my pride.”

There seems to be the very self-centered person, but there is actually such a person. The woman is “my status” for the man in the same way as the man is the status for the woman.

He wants his friends to envy him on ground that his girlfriend is beautiful or pretty. You would do well to bestow favors on such a lover. You would do well to let him feel like “I am needed. I am depended on.”


Be careful not to enter into the sanctuary of your partner

Do you know the people who cannot have a romance but think it good not to do it are increasing? Most of them are on a break at the present day through a passionate romance in the past, but a part of them give priority to “their hobby.”

Some people press them for an explanation about giving no answer to Emails or telephones, but anybody does not want his favorite time to be disturbed. There is surely the people who feel to waste time for a love on a precious holiday.

Please leave alone with a gentle heart in such a case. You should be devoted only to your favorite matter, too. The lover is not your possession and therefore it is no good to limit the action. You should value your time each other.


Prevent from bringing up the past

When you come to quarrel, do you accidentally give mouth to “you have done a similar thing before”? The man dos not have a good memory unlike the woman. Therefore he happens to forget anniversaries.

If the memory of the old quarrel that even your boyfriend has forgotten is brought by you, is it not natural to come to hate such a persistent partner? The woman to be loved understands she should be obedient because nothing is born from the argument and the relationship is broken by it.

The person forgets the feelings of anger in the past and reconfirm the good parts of the partner will be recognized by him and become the presence to be loved.


Prevent from bringing up the matters of the opposite sex to your lover

“I envy my friend because her boyfriend does like this,” ”He does not say such a thing,” and so on. Have you made an offhand remark? There is “I do not like to be compared with the man in the past” for one of the reason for the man to avoid an experienced woman.

The man has much pride and he cannot stand being said that he is inferior as compared with the other man. Simply because there is the existence accepted rather than him by his girlfriend, he will be worried about your flirtation and come to put a restriction on you and conversely.

You may not permit your boyfriend just to praise the other woman. You should take the action not to dent the pride of your partner in order to come to be loved.


Have trust in and rely on your partner

In the modern society of the gender equality, the women’s social advancement is remarkable and female bosses are not uncommon.

There are quite a lot of women more vigorous and reliable than the man. However, there are the men who are not interesting about such a woman for a love.

It is because the man wants to be always relied on. You would do well to contact in a forthright manner and talk about the complaints a little. In the same way as the motherhood of the woman, the feelings of the protection to “want to protect a woman” of the man are easy to become connected with the love.

However, it has a meaning simply because the man thinks voluntarily, and it will be a heavy load to change to the feeling of obligation for “must protect.” It is important to show it in an attitude without talking “I want to protect me”


How about things mentioned above?

What you performed so far was surely the action with love? Or was it the action with obsession only?

If you read this article and can review your relationship until now, I am happy.

The examples I have mentioned above should be really used as reference. The personality of the partner has been formed by the environment around him and the education and does not apply to all people. When I am asked if you can create the 100% rewarding relationship of love, I will not be able to nod my head in the affirmative. It is only you who know a partner to finally judge.

See how a partner does to love me. If you think only you have an unfair treatment, why not take the actions such as make the partner want you to think that he is also the presence to be loved? Start to talk each other with honest feelings.



How to make a lover for wishing that I want to be loved

・ begin tolerating the sense of values of your partner
・ Do how to associate with him without expectation too much
・ Love does not grow even if you stay together longer
・ Find a shared interest
・ Maintain your partner’s self-respect
・ Be careful not to enter into the sanctuary of your partner
・ Prevent from bringing up the past
・ Prevent from bringing up the matters of the opposite sex to your lover
・ Have trust in and rely on your partner

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