The seven ways for the woman want a boyfriend

The seven ways for the woman want a boyfriend
Next thing you know, do you say always “I want a boy friend as soon as possible!” ? You can spend everyday without him but it’s prosaic. You may be nerves you will be alone like this forever.

But let’s put the end to the anxiety and make an effort to get a boyfriend!

The girl who has a boyfriend without any efforts is provided characteristics can get a boyfriend unconsciously or did efforts where it can’t be seen. So you can did it to with efforts.

It’s better to keep your effort than just living with anxiety. You can live active, get a boyfriend and become more femininity.

So let’s see the way concretely.

The seven ways for the woman want a boyfriend


Change your appearance

At first, change your appearance. How do the others look at you? If you don’t understand let’s ask close people like your family or friends.

Speaking of changing appearance it means changing a fashion or hair style and learning a new make-up. For example, if you looks gloomy try to wear bright colored clothes, cut your hair short or change color and apply makeup suits your face.

If you don’t have a confidence you can ask about cloths to staff of boutique, hair to beautician and makeup to staff of cosmetic store. Of course you can ask your family and friends.

Needless to say we can’t judge people by their looks, but man does it for woman . And you wish your lover to be thought “you’re beautiful.”


Change inside of you

Next, look again your personality. You can understand well to write down your week point and strong point.

If you can’t understand yourself try to think about your friends or famous people on TV’s one. You can find a different way of thinking through listening a conversation.

People get to like someone through the personality. The person who is moderate, kind but having strong faith is liked by many people.

On the other hand, the person who is strict with others but east in yourself, selfish and abusing someone isn’t. People don’t go along with the person can feel sympathy and be respect, that is, the good person be accompanied by similar person.

So, try for becoming the person you can respect or feel sympathy. When you’re getting better, you can find nice people and have good relationships with them.


Begin new things

Do you feel anyone has nice sense when you’re talking? For example the person is mannered but innocent, has individual sense and looks stoic but like fancy characters… These things make you captive.

So if you are asked “do you have these things?” you But it’s ok you can make them from now on.

At first let’s begin a new hobby. It’s recommended like going to cooking school and sawing because it’s feminine. But if you’re not interested in them or skillful how is yoga? People don’t like sports can do it and it’s good for losing your weight.

In the first place, you don’t like to learn something itself search for something you can put your heart into. It’s effectible for stress relieving.


Arrange your personal belongings

Your room wold be dirty without cleaning like the food would go bad. Of course sometimes you’re tired because of working and busy. But you have to do someday.

So, give up and clean for your room. But it’s difficult to do perfectly even if you do it every day. It’s ok just once in a month, make the cleaning day in earnest.

When your job and life can’t go smoothly you have a backward-looking. When you get a long-cherished boyfriend and take him your room, the messy room would be bad. Maybe he also. You should tidy things up steadily.


Go to the place where there are people

Then, you’ve arranged your looking and inside yourself, let’s go out. But going to office doesn’t mean “go out”. You have to go out with dressing up.

It’s ok alone or with friend. The aim is showing your looking to others. When you see someone walking at town the others also look at you. So you’re like model walking on stage. You should have confidence and walk with carrying your head high.

If you can’t don’t worry. You are on the way to change. At that time you should find some nice people and gather good information.

If you get hit on, you should have a bit of confidence. Possibly you look nice for someone. It’s good thing for you isn’t it? But don’t follow him easily.


Take action for love

The most important thing to get a boyfriend is meeting up someone. Because it doesn’t make sense man don’t know you even if you’re nice woman.

There are various ways to meet up someone, but at first you should have a party with your friends. If you always say ”I want a boyfriend!” your friend would invite you. But you can’t find your prince on white horse you’re only waiting. It maybe earlier to ride a horse.

You should rely on the internet when you take action. An action of love before marriage is popular in nowadays. You can find good person at some parties.

If you can’t talk with people who meet first time, it’s better to start sending messages. It’s a so-called dating website but don’t worry, there are a lot of safe company in these days.


Don’t give up

We said “it’s the most important.” again and again but this is what “the most”.

It’s easy to say ”I won’t give up.” but actually it’s very hard. You’ve begun group action when you were in kinder garden or elementary school then learned communication with people by feel. Going to school, taking exam, job hunting and the life after that are so exhausted for people.

Could you overcome each things without giving up? You are lucky and blessed with good people if you gave up but did it. The person did it without giving up can get a boyfriend.

And more the experience could be your property later. Having a boyfriend means you’re charming as woman or human. You can have chance someday if you’re attractive enough although you would give up.


How was it?

You can be nice woman by trying to make efforts to get a boyfriend without only saying “ I want a boyfriend!”.

I can remember when I could ride a bicycle in my elementary school at first time. I couldn’t keep a balance and fair falling down. But when I could understand putting on speed is important, it was getting better and finally I did it. I’ll never forget a sense of accomplishment at that time.

However, it’s not only by my effort but also my parents and friend’s practice together.

It’s not embarrassing thing that you can’t get a boyfriend. Because everyone is same at first. It’s a great experience to support each other with someone for getting a boyfriend.



The seven ways for the woman want a boyfriend

・Change your appearance
・Change inside of you
・Begin new things
・Arrange your personal belongings
・Go to the place where there are people with dressing up
・Take action for love
・Don’t give up

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