7 good luck images to make your favorite love you

7 good luck images to make your favorite love youA partner of the sad love takes your heart even if you sleep or wake up. I introduce seven good luck images letting such a partner come to love you. Such a convenient image is true to let a partner turn around just by making it the standby screen and carrying it. You are half in doubt!

There it is. Of course there is the wave in both a picture and the photograph just as a power spot and the words have a wave. The good luck image lets you be in a clear state and draws brightness to attract the person who is interested in you.

I prepared the image which drew your charm from seven approaches here. You can choose one of them or you use it alternatively. On preference, please use it willingly.

7 good luck images to make your favorite love you


Power stone … of crystal – almighty

A stone, crystal with the power to heal itself with almighty in particular in a power stone. It is old and is called “a water fairy” and provides superior purification so that it was used for holy ceremonies.

The first step that you win. You feel negative and borrow the wave of this stone, and let’s purify a physical toxin. The wave of this stone should be handed down even from this image enough.

In addition, it is said that the crystal of the letter of round is effective for love luck up. The purification is done with the love luck up, too; killing two birds with one stone. It is one piece appropriate for the start to draw your charm.


A wave of lover – love of the pink & heart up

Pink is love Happy color. Pink appears as the aura of the person who is in love. Therefore take love in advance. Adopt pink in your life!

It is the lover of the cute finger, but, as for the happiness, as for two people, heart in during two leads you to the mode of the love among pink more. Already imagine one with a partner and one with yourself, and you will draw reality by daily image training.


For makeup – polishing; and …

It is very important that both a man and the woman polish yourself. You borrow the power of the crystal with two upper images and ask for pink power for clear, and it is in a love mode. The next polish up yourself!

The image points at the bride pointing at rouge in nature for a wedding ceremony. Take an overflowing happiness aura from an image, and you must shine shiningly, too. The person thinking about you who are polished every day will surely notice you.


Borrow power of Cupid of the Cupid – love; and …

Well, the next borrow a whimsical angel of the love, the power of Cupid. It is said that the partner shot with an arrow of the money cannot help coming to like the partner whom he chose.

The image is amor (Cupid) and the psyche of French painter William Adolf Bouguereau. He receives jealousy of Venus Aphrodite for the beauty, and Cupid who was ordered to hit the arrow of lead, and make him unable to leave a descendant for the psyche falls into the love in beauty of the psyche adversely.

Two people who are bound together while getting twists and turns finally. To a lucky charm of the love accomplishment.


Izumo Taisha Shrine – God of marriage …

It has been known as the God of marriage Corporation because 8 million gods gather on the ground of Izumo from the whole country in October, and the marriage of people is talked about with master of enshrined deity, large country Oga of Izumo Taisha Shrine.

Izumo Taisha Shrine is located in Northeast Shimane. It is the place that you want to be visit by all means, but there should be much far-off one, too. From this image, the sacred place, honest atmosphere of Izumo Taisha Shrine are felt. Pray god of marriage for the love accomplishment with to yearn for.


Shooting star – flow When You Wish upon a Star …

A wish comes true before drifting, and leaving if you can say a wish three times. But praying for the three times. . . Slightly difficult. To you like that, here is the shooting star image of the beautiful night sky. Tell a wish to a star drifting to the side of the Milky Way.

The shooting star attracted the heart of people from ancient times. Grant your wish and surely help a wave and the attendant of the beautiful night sky.


Look at smile … me who is shining

You borrowed the power of the spell image so far, and give power of the love. The last spell image is a conventional mop-up. It draws your smile.

The smile that is polished in clear, and got help of a decoration, gods and the space beautifully heals and attracts not only the person whom you yearn for but also many people. When you seem to be depressed and discouraged, surely this image should support your smile.


Here are seven images as things mentioned above. You can approach yourself whom you think of even a little and, with confidence, pray for smiling happily.

It is really difficult to be going to let somebody love you. The feeling of the partner is the thing which you cannot control in most cases. But you can change yourself.

When you have confidence toward yourself and are full of love, nature and many people are attracted. You yourself is, so to speak, like the beautiful good luck image. A person to yearn for notices your charm, and turn around. I pray for the accomplishment of the love heartily.


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