7 Tips for Your Happy Life by Arousing Your Potential

7 Tips for Your Happy Life by Arousing Your Potential

We believe that we know every capability we won, which is actually is not true.  Everybody is gifted with infinite potential which we have not notice.  The proverb, “Necessity is a powerful weapon,” (kaji-ba no baka-jikara) clearly describe it.  Assumingly, you have heard and used this proverb, have you?

This proverb depicts the situation where we unleash our hidden power which we cannot use usually when we are forced into a corner. This “our hidden power which we cannot use usually” is the infinite potential.  By unleashing your hidden potential, we will probably be able to live a happier and more enriched life.

Presenting here is how to unleash your secret infinite potential.  Try to arouse your potential lying underneath your consciousness.

7 Tips for Your Happy Life by Arousing Your Potential


Stop Assuming That You “CANNOT” Do

Do you happen to say or think, “I’m not capable,” or “It’s impossible,” Frequently?  With these words, “not capable,” and “impossible,” you limit your capability and keep your potential hidden deep inside you.

These familiar judgement as “I’m not capable,” and “It’s impossible,” are just assumption like the brake of a car.  You need to take off the brake of “assumption” in order to unleash your secret potential.

First, understand that we limit ourselves by the thought and act of assumption of “not capable” and “impossible.”  Then, try to stop get rid of the assumption and believe that you “CAN” do anything.


Try not to Care Your Reputation by the Others

We tend to get worried how we are in a group because people cannot live without any other people’s help.  Therefore, we tend to discipline ourselves to stay within the group by trying to do the same thing as the others.  This may possibly eliminate your hidden potential.

Whereas it is truly important to cooperate with the others, try not to push yourself too hard to fit in with everyone.  It is because too much pressure on yourself by concerning about your reputation by the others will suppress your potential.  Still, when you feel really hesitant to get out of the group, try to make up your irregular acts with your personality.

If you communicate the others in a thoughtful and sincere manner, the will understand your good personality.  There might be some who complain.  In that case, it is necessary to forget about them because they cannot love every single person as you cannot.


Make no Excuse and Accept Failure

When we fail, most of us tend to blame the others or situations for our failure.  It, however, is necessary “to accept ourselves who make fail” in order to unleash our potential.  Besides, stop blaming yourself for failure and just do accept yourself as a person who sometimes fail.

Human beings, more or less, have desire for improving ourselves.  Forgiving and even loving yourself who failed will help you avoid making the same mistake next and try different approaches for success deep down in subconsciousness.  That is, you try to improve and make efforts to change yourself.  The whole process will arouse your hidden potential.


Hypnotize Yourself

Utilize hypnotist and make yourself believe to arouse your potential.   For example, many of you have an experience where you repeated yourself, “I will wake up at XX a.m. tomorrow,” and you actually woke up at the said time next morning.  This is self-hypnosis or autosuggestion.

Keep convincing yourself regarding the ability you would like to arouse.  Murmuring to yourself is more effective.  Since there is no way that your potential arouses in a couple of days, it requires long time to unleash your potential.  If you believe in yourself and keep convincing, your hidden potential will be unleashed.


Repeat Visualization Training

It is well known that athletes with good results repeat visualization training.  The training is effective to arouse your secret potential.  Before going to bed when you feel relaxed, repeatedly try to imagine yourself achieving a goal.

In order to arouse hidden potential, it is important to picture yourself as you want to be and imagine what is necessary and how you achieve.

The point is that You spend actually necessary time or more time to perform the visualization training and imagine how you feel in details.  Repeat imagining and arouse your secret potential.


Take Meditation into Your Daily Life

Stop thinking and think nothing; that is, “meditation.”  Meditation is known as its effects to improve judgement and concentration.  “Meditation” comes with an image of religion though it is not religious; it is pretty effective; and thus, many of the successful people take meditation into as part of their daily routine.

Meditation is effective for sleep loss, stress relief, mitigation of chronic pain, improving the immune system, anti-aging as well as arousing your potential.  There are many ways of meditation.  Introducing here is 5-minute meditation.

  • Sit cross-legged in a chair or on a cushion or Japanese cushion (zabuton).
  • Stay still even if there is something destructive.
  • Stare at one point or close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.
  • Say to yourself “inhale” when breathing in; “exhale” when breathing out.
  • Repeat #4 for a few minutes and stop murmuring.
  • If you feel destructive, try to concentrate on your breath.


When you get used to it, try to continue longer.  Meditation is more effective if you conduct every day.  If you are too busy to take enough time for meditation, try to perform shorter-time meditation every day.  Be careful, when conducting meditation, it is likely to shifting to delusion.  Thus, do not forget concentrating on your breath.


Never Forget Appreciation for Anything…

There are some people who come to overestimate themselves and look down on the others right after they successfully unleash their secret potential.  Even if they succeeded to arouse their potential, the others would leave such people.  In order to prevent you from falling in such situation, make sure not to forget about appreciation toward anybody and anything.

Maybe your hidden potential largely contributes to your success.  Still, do not forget that the other people around you help you more or less.  Let’s make your future happier keeping appreciating the people around you!


How about the above tips?

Presented in this article is how to arouse your hidden potential.  These procedures are so easy that you can try immediately.  It is important to repeat the procedures several times.

Therefore, do not give up and continue.  Although what happiness varies depending on individuals, happiness comes out from relations with people around you is mutual.  Be sure to retain appreciation to become happy with your unleashed secret potential.



7 Tips for Your Happy Life by Arousing Your Potential

  • Stop Assuming That You “CANNOT”
  • Try not to Care Your Reputation by the Others
  • Make no Excuse and Accept Failure
  • Hypnotize Yourself
  • Repeat Visualization Training
  • Take Meditation into Your Daily Life
  • Never Forget Appreciation for Anything…


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